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  1. paul_met

    VDP1 sprites priority

    Hello. I wondered how to make the sprites that VDP1 draws translucent on top of VDP2 layers. I got it on the example of the game Device Reign. But almost all sprites become translucent at once. Although there are exceptions (character panel with a portrait and statistics). It seems that...
  2. paul_met

    Strange address 0xFFFFFF00

    Faced with a strange address that goes beyond the Sega Saturn memory address space - 0xFFFFFF00. How to track read / write at this address? The Yabause debugger does not allow this. Maybe this address is a mirror of some other address?
  3. paul_met

    Hex to Bin

    Greetings. Maybe someone has an algorithm for converting from HEX to BIN (for SH2 asm)? For example: AD (hex)= 10101101 (bin) Binary value must be written in HEX format. --------------------------------------------- This is my version of the code. Perhaps someone will have a smaller code. 00...
  4. paul_met

    SSIG - Sega Saturn Instructions Generator

    This program allows you to easily generate the instructions supported by SH-1/SH-2 (Super Hitachi) CPU into machine code. There is also a brief description of the instructions and registers. -----------------------------------------------------------------------...
  5. paul_met

    Swap VDP2 layers

    Does anyone know how to swap layers of vdp2? For example, we have a title screen, where NBG2 layer is responsible for the background image, and NBG1 layer is responsible for the logo. I want to do opposite - NBG2 layer a became a logo and NBG1 layer became background image. How do the images are...
  6. paul_met

    Screeen resolution hacks

    Lately I've been doing hacks to increase the screen resolution in games for Saturn. Here is one of the successful examples. ----------------------------------------- This hack increases the screen resolution up to 352x256 (v1.3) + fixes some bugs of the original game...
  7. paul_met

    SIPM - Saturn IP Maker

    Made a small program to create a bootable IP files that need to rebuild the CD images. The program is not new, but perhaps someone come in handy. Attention!!! Supports images in mode1/2048 only
  8. paul_met

    Sega Flash Demo CD - display bug

    Greetings to all. Just want to say that I am a newbie here. If my question is already ascended, then I apologize in advance. The essence of the problem as follows: Everyone knows about the collections of demo disks called Sega Flash. So, starting with the third issue, the shell of demo drives...