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    Samba De Amigo

    H folks, I hope you were'nt expecting something exciting about the game. All you seem to have landed on is my plea for Sega Brand Maracas. Anyone have some for sale within the USA or, preferably, Canada? Don't use them any more? Are they just gathering dust in hopes that you might, in some...
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    Hey all, thought you guys and girls might like this movie some friends and I put together last year. Lots of video game references (musical, SFX and otherwise), wild cheeseball plot with wild cheesehead characters. It's crazy FSD video section The main page has some glory too...
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    So I reviewed the Phantasy Star Gen 2 soundtrack

    So I was bored and I wrote up a review to the Phantasy Star Generation 2 soundtrack. Check it out, it's in Word format. The Soundtrack itself can be downloaded in PSF format from For all of you not aware of how to listen to PSF files, there is a special winamp plugin on Zophar...
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    Phantasy Star Universe page updated

    We now have access to a section titled "World of Phantasy Star Universe" which contains three seperate headings: Guardians, Relics and Seed. Since the text is in Japanese, I am S* Outta Luck as far as translating it goes, although if there is someone who can, please do. I am aware that the...
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    Fight Shoot Die

    Fight Shoot Die **Click on the high quality high bandwidth link above the picture, then click the double size Icon. It makes for cleaner watching. Boost your volume too, I wanted music to be an integral part of this thing.** Well, here is. My first no-budget, acting, directing, editing...
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    So, Phantasy Star 2 remake screenshots and all Sega of Japan posts some Sega Ages Phantasy Star generation 2 images. I dunno.. Looks an awful lot like generic anime to me. Don't get me wrong, I'm still excited
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    Ill-intents Phantasy Star 2 Manga

    For all of you PS nuts who can never get enough of the series, here is a manga style rendition of the Phantasy star 2 storyline by Andrew of Ill-intent. Personally, I am really enjoying the direction in which he is producing this (dare is say) 'comic'. It is definitely worth a look! BTW, I...
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    Help, take a look curcuit geniuses

    My maraca wil no longer detect high, low and horizontal. The captions are what I THINK each wire does, although i could be wrong. The maracas do not need to re-register during gameplay, showing that there is still a constant signal being established from the game to maraca sensor. And when you...
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    i need help

    My samba maraca does not detect the height properly anymore, and only stays on one circle on the screen. I opened up the height sensor on the defective maraca controller, and checked for problems although there are none apparent. has anyone else had problems like this? I am using the cha cha...
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    Arguement here, tell me your opinion

    I am Mybalogna in this discussion.. use your good judgement to tell me if i am being fair.. if you want to participate, it is at Author: DevilJin Age: 19 Date: Sun Sep. 8, 2002 Time: 10:41pm Mood: H to the OANG EtownPaki>> "Id say gamecube is still strong, but...
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    I know i have posted about this before, although i was wondering, those of you who have this cool peripheral probably realize that it is not 100% perfect, when it comes down to controlling the beast. What are tips of yours to help accuracy, how far away from the sensors should i stand? i...
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    off topic, but please answer

    I just recieved DDR second mix for my dreamcast, it is great although i do not have a mat, Altough i DO have one of those adapters that allows psx controllers to be used on the dc. Do you suppose that if i went out and bought a psx DDR mat, it would work on my dc? I really dont see why not...
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    Other music in saturn games?

    if you were to substitute the wav file that came with the iso for one of the exact same length, would it work? playing Shining force 3 to some smashing pumpkins? or megamix to some offspring? anybody have the balls to try this?
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    Where can i download a dreamcast mic?

    I didnt know people could be this stupid.. JSkillz> does anybody have a leech ftp with the microphone for seaman? i have seaman but i need the mic to talk..if u have it on ftp /msg me PLEASE DJ-Saru> u on crack? DJ-Saru> thats some topic material right there FaCeLiFTx> hahahahahahh...
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    What are the chances.. phantasy star and FMegaMix

    What do you believe the chances of sega developing a new phatasy star game in the near future are? and for what system? my bets are on Ps2 since overworks is developing for that, i hope after PSO goes well on gamecube they re think number 4 being the final game in series. Also, how many of you...
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    Ps2 Shining force..

    Frankly i would like to see a translated version of all 3 shinforce 3 games.. or might it be a brand new title? Perhaps Sega will add a jobs system for this new title? hmmm
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    How into gaming are YOU?!

    To what lengths have you taken to enforce your love for the game..(any decent games you liked) -I remember moving my 13 inch tv all around my basement to see how playing the game would feel in this, or that area, lol.. man i take that lil thing outside on some hot summer days too!, play phat...
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    Shining force 3 Scen 1 vs 2 compatability

    will your saved game from the american version of SF3 part 1 load up on SF3part 2? (shenmue 1 and 2 sure didnt work so i am doubtful)
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    What actually happened to team Andromeda?

    i heard they broke up, i heard they were abducted by aliens.. what actually happened? Who is developing Orta? Please say overworks!!
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    Rare stuff that you are proud to call your own...

    Systems, Sega Model 1 genesis SMS add-on for genesis 1 Sega NOMAD Sega GAME GEAR Saturn (of course) Peripherals Original Light guns for saturn and SMS (2 each) Saturn Arcade pad 3d controller saturn steering wheel (sega) Titles (rare) Dragon force, (box instruct , everything)...