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    Well, damn.

    I stopped by just a couple times this last year or two to see if there was anything interesting going on.
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    KallistiOS 2.0.0

    It's nice to see KOS being used and updated 10 years later. :)
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    Modded Saturns and chips for sale.

    I have a question about the modchips: The subtotal is $23.95 plus it looks like there's an additional fee of $5.50 added on at check-out. Nowhere do you imply that there's an extra shipping cost of $5.50. Your post states: Could you explain what is happening here?
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    Game Over for Arcades?

    As much as I like being 100% cynical about all things, I think arcades will still have a chance as long as there's just enough people willing to contribute time and money back into them if they want them to stay alive. For instance, I was in Portland, OR last weekend and there just happens to...
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    SegaToy iPenguin

    Cute... I showed it to my brother, who likes all things Sega and penguin.
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    Seaman 2

    Well, beside being the first microphone-using life sim, the engaging dialogue and the writing was amazing. For example, Seaman would ask you things about your lifestyle. Simple things such as birthday, favorite color, etc., but he would also ask you some more personal questions once in a while...
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    Seaman 2

    The Seaman sequel is finally here! Apparently, the folks over at have a few screenshots of the new life-sim and a release date of "Summer 2007" in Japan set. Let's hope it makes it overseas soon after. Now all we need is Shenmue...
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    Has anyone used these saturn modchips before?

    Well...why not? It says they're in stock. Or did I miss some information again, and Racket isn't selling those anymore?
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    The 10 Worst-Selling Consoles of All Time

    They forgot about the Bandai WonderSwan and GamePark32. They didn't sell ANY of those over here in the US, hehe.
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    Has anyone used these saturn modchips before?

    Wait, did I read something wrong? Does that modchip from Robwebb's store works on model 1 saturns or did he mean the Victor V-Saturn?
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    Nintendo success bad for industry says analyst

    Sega > Nintendo :p
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    Snatcher Returns !!!!

    You don't want to know.
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    Looking for a Saturn (preferably Japanese)

    Hey, thanks for the offer. I'll get back to you tomorrow on that. I'm a little busy right now with school. However, I'm not bothered by the shipping costs if that's what you mean.
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    How do you Catalog your Game Collection

    Actually, in Luxembourg, that's considered a compliment. Screwing something, e.g. fastening it into place, is symbolized as creating an unbreakable bond of friendship and honor. Just like if I was to call you an Ass in Norway, it would also be saying the same thing along the lines of you being...
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    How do you Catalog your Game Collection

    Good question. The only other one I know off the top of my head are the JP Dreamcast spine cards. Maybe other people know of region-unique things. Edit- Oh, don't forget a condition field. I prefer a word-based rating system as opposed to numbers, e.g. Poor, Acceptable, Good, Excellent, and...
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    How do you Catalog your Game Collection

    A context sensitive option for platforms and regions would be awesome. Say for instance, you enter Saturn for the Platform field and JP for the region, it could insert a new field by detecting that: if (Platform=Saturn and Region=JP) then insert new Field of type Spine_Card Or something of...
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    Snatcher Returns !!!!

    I think I just wet myself.
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    New SegaToy : Pioupiou :)

    I was hooked at the first line. Have you heard about the baby seal robot they introduced to Japanese old folks homes? Some of the things they come up with are completely wacky.
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    Some Predicting a Downturn In the Gaming Industry

    Let's make it a little more entertaining and reapply your entire theorem to the girl example, shall we? So inretrospect, you just said that you'd rather pay more for a less visually pleasing woman as opposed to unbelievably hot. One that will stick around longer however with unique, enjoyable...
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    How do you Catalog your Game Collection

    Oh, hey schi, I didn't even notice it was you that posted, heh... I've been messing around with Excel recently, so if I happen to come up with anything miraculous, I'll post the workbook linkage up here. I barely remember using Access back in college (keyword being barely) and that actually...