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    Sega Saturn Boot Disks available

    If you "attach" the special ring to a CDR, if it were properly padded, and the gap between the inner CD and the outter CD didn't stop the laser scroll, as long as it stayed in one piece, your homemade bootdisk would work. My advise would be to make a CD door switch on the outside of your...
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    saturn model number

    That's what my saturn I got is like. It seems to be the very first (american) model.
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    Do you think this commercial Saturn emu will

    The commercial SS emu will be highly inferior in time to the eventual development of independant/freeware emulators anyway. And they will play your copies, perhaps even isos. Probably have lots of features their commercial package won't do. However, someone should seriously find their emulator...
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    Backup/Import Booting Methods

    I've bought a Saturn finally, and a bucnh of games for it. Ofcourse, some games I can not get authentic copies of. Forinstance, Castlevania Dracula X. I've read through a few pages of the forum, and I'm still not certain all the methods avialable. Thus far I know you can use the swap trick to...