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    Post your Saturn collection...

    Lists are boring ;)
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    Saturn on a VGA Monitor ? ? ?

    Finding an SCART connector was my problem. I know there were a couple sold on eBay at the time, but they were all 3rd-party and in unmarked boxes. Hell if I'm gonna take that chance. Anyhow, the bottom of the Saturn's PCB is really simple (the A/V part, anyway). I didn't have much trouble wiring...
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    Saturn on a VGA Monitor ? ? ?

    Wananana-na! This may be of some service. ;) 1. Composite Video 2. Luminance 3. Chrominance 4. 5 VDC 5. Red 6. Green 7. Blue 8. Sync 9. Stereo R 10. Stereo L You may want to check out my little Saturn Collection Page which shows my trusty Saturn hooked up via RGB (wires soldered...
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    Saturn Sound Converter

    Thanks again! Though all of the files on the CD are mostly BINs and a few .CRTs. :( EDIT: If you'll excuse me, I'm an idiot. ;)
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    Saturn Sound Converter

    Thanks a lot for the help! Though it seems that the music I want to convert isn't in PCM. :( I don't have enough knowledge about the Saturn sound system to really clarify what sort of converter I need, but I might as well give it a shot. ;) I'm trying to nab the BGM and (possibly) the sound...
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    Saturn Sound Converter

    The link for the Saturn Sound Converter program is broken! If anyone could send the file (sswavetools.rar) to me I would be extremely grateful. I've been looking for a tool like this for a while now. My email addy is <blitzkri3g at>. *afraid of spambots*
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    sega saturn netlink

    Do you think there would be a noticable difference between the 14.4kbps Japanese Modem and the 28.8kbps US Modem during direct-dial games? I'd love to get a Japanese modem (you know, to keep colors consistant ;D) but I don't want the lower speed to affect gameplay.
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    Astra Superstars Move List

    Heh, there is none. Astra Superstars is unique for having NO (offensive) command moves whatsoever. Your six attacks and 2 supers is all you have to work with. On the defensive side, however, you have one option. G-Turning. Press forward and either Z or C (can't remember which... maybe...
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    How many of you still buy games?

    Meh... to me, it was tedious as all hell. Give me Super Tempo any day.
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    Whats in your saturn?

    Jung Rhythm. *SHAME*
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    Would you please describe what JSWAT is like? I always see it up on eBay and I'm tempted to find out what it is every time. >
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    How many of you still buy games?

    I used to have over 70 or so burned Saturn games. I eventually gave all of them to a friend who just got his Saturn modded. Since then, I've been buying originals only... my collection is at 72 games so far. It was nice being able to preview games for free (otherwise I would have never known...
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    any body remember ff7 being converted....

    God... I love when I get to read the posts of guys like ExCyber and Tagrineth. I am completely humbled. *wipes away tear*
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    Astra Super Stars

    I managed to pick up a copy of Astra Super Stars for $44 off of ebay recently! Is anyone here a fan of the game? Furthermore, is there actualy strategy involved in this fighter or is it just *dial-a-combo, repeat, repeat, repeat*? It's a nifty game to play with friends that aren't too...
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    WTB: Saturn Import Keyboard

    Hi! I'm looking for one of these keyboards preferrably with the box intact. The model number I have listed for the keyboard is HSS-0129, though there may have been a later model produced (changing the color to white). If there was in fact a later model produced, then I would much rather have...
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    Saturn on VGA

    Ah yes... this weekend I'll have a little Saturn RGB mod (of sorts) complete! I'm gonna mount a female DB-9 in the back of the Saturn and wire the pins for use on my 1084S-D1. Ah, visual nirvana.
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    Saturn on VGA

    I'm confused. How can there be different modes on a lead?
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    Netlink and broadband...

    Is there anyway that I can have a netlink make use of my cable internet connection? I'm fully aware that the Netlink will never reach the speeds of broadband, but I'd just like to know if I can use the Netlink without having to subscribe to a dial-up ISP. Any help would be much appreciated!
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    Painting a Saturn

    Personally, I am in LOVE with the standard white. The only modification I'd like to do is change the power LED to red... that way it will match the logo.
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    Saturn on VGA

    It should work out just fine... and hey, if all else fails, I'll solder the A/V wires right onto the PCB > Oh, and Taelon: I'm using a Chroma/Luma connection with my Commodore 1702 as of now. It looks fantastic as it is... but I have to take that one final step into the land of pure RGB.