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    Dreamcast multplayer fps games

    I had vigelante 8 on DC. Sold it long ago. Great game. Very fun in co-op mode. Solid car combat game.
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    Dreamcast multplayer fps games

    Bah! The spawn game is much better than that Heavy metal game. I have both. The heavy metal game is a clone of the spawn one. Same people made it too. Spawn one is fun but it is kinda easy. If you don't like spawn though you probobly wont like this game. If you like spawn however, you might love...
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    Dreamcast Fishing Rod???

    wow, they have one at my gamestop for 12 bucks.
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    Devil May Cry vs Ninja Gaiden

    Do you really hate ninja gaiden that much?
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    Collage of SX

    Holy crap! That is the best avatar in the world!!!
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    What games have you bought lately?

    I know what you mean. I especially hate it when they stick that damn sticker on the freakin cd!
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    What games have you bought lately?

    Alright, here are the games i have bought this past month. Saturn: Mr. Bones $8 Skeleton Warriors $5 Myst $2 Machine Head $3 Ghen War $3 Robotica $3 Criticom $3 WWF In Your House $8 Mass Destruction $8 Golden Axe The Duel $10 PS2: Back Yard wrestling $3 War of the monsters $4...
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    Collage of SX

    Well, they aren't exactly what i wanted to draw. It was for a concentration in my art class. Just incaase anyone doesn't know what a concentration is, its a series of pictures/drawings of one particluar theme or idea. I have about 48 picutes in all. I was really disapointed with most of them...
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    Collage of SX

    Here is a quick sketch i did about a year ago in class.
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    Collage of SX

    Oh yeah, a bunch of them are croped. Like the guy holding his chest open. That is on a huge peice of paper and could only scan a little peice. Here is another cropped one.
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    Collage of SX

    Here is a nother. the above one is two and a half years old. This about one year old.
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    Collage of SX

    Well, here are some pictures i drew or painted a while ago. Like a year or two.
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    SEGA Dedicated Tattoo

    I think finger eater is cool. I like the pad also, get em both fool! I want to get a sleeve done when i am older. But i doubt i will.
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    Great site for sega commercials...

    Wow, Sega did a lot of system bashing on Playstation and Gameboy. Ironic.
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    Free Gamepro subscription

    And you posted on a year old topic for....? The gamepro thing is even expired.
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    Shining Tears

    Wow, that game looks great!
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    GameCrazy stores anger me!

    Well, a local gamecrazy store here sells used saturn games. But the douche people there just throw the cases away!! That sucks! Its just the manual and the game. Only one guy i talked to that works there saves the cases. He was telling me he just bought a saturn and likes it. So thats good. But...
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    Saturn Games List For Sale

    Awww man, Zone D you lucky bastard. That duke nukem looked nice.
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    PayPal - You're ENTITLED TO Money?!?

    PayPal - You're ENTITLED TO Money?!? I got that email. What do i need to do to get my fair share of dinero?
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    Whats your PSO Chararactors Name?

    well, when i use to play this on xbox, i had 2 characters i always used. First there was Shitface, a short warrior guy. (don't remember the classes) Then a mage named Tudrussel. Small little girl with huge powers! But i don't play it anymore cause live sucks with pso.