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    Is this BC Racers legit or bootleg

    I picked up a copy of BC Racers on e-bay, and it's tingling my spidey senses. The first thing I noticed was that the manual had a funny texture. It was still a thick glossy cover with thinner pages, and a professional looking double spine staple and fold. But the cover is somehow slightly less...
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    Sega CD won't power up

    Decent chance the fuse died. See this thread here for details on how to check if it's the fuse and fix it.
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    1 second power off - Game Gear

    Game gear powering off after a few seconds is a common manifestation of the capacitors going bad (same issue that causes the audio to go out). The vast majority of game gears will have their caps go bad by now, so that's likely the case. There's people on e-bay that will fix your game gears, or...
  4. J a legit store?

    I bought Sturmwind on their website, paid through payal. Waited 30 days and it never showed up. Never got a shipping notice or anything. So I tried to contact them. Their contact e-mail just returns an auto-reply that says "we no longer accept support over e-mail". So I used the contact form...
  5. J a legit store?

    Anyone know if is actually a legit store? I recently had a pretty bad experience with them.
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    this place is dead?

    Filling out my final sega collection! It's now 12 years since I restarted collecting. Master system done, game gear done, Genesis done, sega CD done, 32X done, saturn (domestic) done, dreamcast only missing powerstone 2. Saturn import getting close. I got blast wind, hyper duel, radiant...
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    Fix your game gears!

    I usually used a wallwart since it otherwise eats batteries. But I do occasionally use batteries. Usually it's just the speaker audio that dies first (headphone audio usually keeps working). The other telltale signs are vertical smearing in the LCD.
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    Fix your game gears!

    My primary game gear finally died. Unlike my other game gear that just had the no-audio problem, my primary game gear would randomly power-cycle in the middle of games, which can also be attributed to the same caps. For those who don't know, due to poor imported capacitors at the time of the...
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    Funny kid anecdotes

    A kid called me an adult and I about smacked him.
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    How old is SX ?

    My bi-yearly check-in and and the whole thing has completely changed! I still game, sorta. Really my gaming hobby mostly consisted of collecting games and organizing them on a shelf and databasing them more than playing them and this goes back to the last 15 years. I mostly play them when I...
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    How old is SX ?

    Must...avoid...opto-tactile stimulation...
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    Any games significantly better SS versus PS1?

    Are there any games with both saturn and ps1 ports that are significantly different/better on one system or the other?
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    Permanently renewing cartridge slot pins

    Last week I finally went about modding my NES to play imports. You can find the details on the web fairly easily, all you have to do is flip pin 4 on the region lockout chip. I also did the solder to pin 11 (gnd) for safety. While I was at it, I was going to replace my cartridge slot assembly...
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    (WTB) Sega CD Model 2 AC adapter

    Input: 120v AC 60hz 18 W Output: 9v DC 1.2A 10v will also work. The Genesis 1/sega cd 1/sega cd 2/master system power supply will say "1602" or "1602-1" on it. The genesis 2/32X/game gear power supply will say "MK-2103" on it CDX uses an incompatible supply. I think I sold my last one at...
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    Groove On Fight (jp) "ram cart not connected" error

    Groove On Fight (jp) "ram cart not connected" error I have an action replay cart I use that lets me play imports on my saturn. It doesn't have the built-in ram upgrades like the 4-in-1 cart, but so far it's allowed me to play all imports. Until I got to Groove On Fight (power instinct III). It...
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    Phantasy Star Universe

    Did you know that Still takes you here? Worthless observation I know. But I was going through my 12 years of archives of my "favorites" links, and was surprised to see that my old link to segaxtreme still worked.
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    what fixes that are out there for sega cd ?

    There's the multibios. You'd need to get an eeprom chip (matching the existing segacd bios) and a socket burner for the eeprom chip, and search the interwebs for the multibios, you should be able to find an image somewhere. This will let you play us, pal, jap.
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    How old is SX ?

    I'm alive! Hey, doesn't anyone on this forum ever going to go to the Midwest Gaming Classic besides me???
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    Road Rash Sega CD Blue Screen Of Death!

    LOL I couldn't believe it when it happened. I booted up Road Rash for the Sega CD and got a blue screen of death! It was just a blue screen with the word "placeholder". Well it didn't take too long of tinkering to figure out it was a backup ram issue. I deleted some files and it booted fine. I...
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    Are there any analog joysticks for playstation?

    I was just playing wipeout and thinking how this sucks playing with those terrible playstation thumbsticks. Well I guess that's not a huge revelation since everything sucks on the standard playstation controller. But this specifically, as about a decade ago I had wipeout XL on the PC, and played...