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    Final Fight Revenge

    I remember reading about this game and from what I read many people didn't like it. Was it really that bad?
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    50/60 Htz mod. HOW?

    I remember doing something like this on a spare PAL saturn I had at the time, i remember doing the 50/60hz switch, but then all of a sudden the 60hz mode stopped working completely, as to why I don;t know.
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    What video games are you playing at the moment?

    Lately I have been playing King of Fighters 2002 in the arcades
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    Possible to Replace Neo-Geo CDZ CD Drive

    I too have heard that the CDZ is only a SIngle speed unit.
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    Does anyone know what is happening with this game? The only thing i know is that it was rumored.....I don't think there will be a DC release?
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    Mavel super heroes anyone?

    WHen this game got released for the Saturn, I wish it was made with the 4mb cart the conversion would of been even better.
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    Zero gunner 2!

    I enjoyed playing the game Zero Gunner 2. It is one of my favorite shooters. I too have also heard about Ikaruga, but I have only heard rumors about it being released for DC?
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    Commodore 64 people!

    I used to have a C64, I remember trading it in to get a AMiga 500 at the time. The C64 was my first games machine
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    Hello, i am new

    Hello everyone I am new here