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    Favourite game music

    To throw my choices out there FFVII (PSX) Sonic the Hedgehog (Genesis) Sonic CD (couple of tracks) Tomcat Alley (it is done by one of my favorite artist, Herbie Hancock.) Streets of Rage (sorry forgot which one, think it is 2) Can't think of anything else right now. To early in the...
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    Salutations from a new member

    Thank you for the warm reception, Cloud121, Captain Crazy, Iceman2k and NuttyElectrode. To answer Cloud121 qustion: Yes I had a Saturn but it broke. Trying to get another from a 2nd hand store, no avail. Will work up the nerves for Ebay some day. I think the games are still at my mother's...
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    Salutations from a new member

    Just sending a big what's up to all. The name is Black Ceasar. I Still play my sega cd, even though I have other systems. Games I own for the Sega CD is: Sonic CD Tomcat Alley Cobra Command (Laser Disc ver.) Eternal Champions CD Prize Fighter Dracula Unleashed Space Ace Mad Dog Mcree...