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    Saturn Sound Converter

    The link for the Saturn Sound Converter program is broken! If anyone could send the file (sswavetools.rar) to me I would be extremely grateful. I've been looking for a tool like this for a while now. My email addy is <blitzkri3g at>. *afraid of spambots*
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    Astra Super Stars

    I managed to pick up a copy of Astra Super Stars for $44 off of ebay recently! Is anyone here a fan of the game? Furthermore, is there actualy strategy involved in this fighter or is it just *dial-a-combo, repeat, repeat, repeat*? It's a nifty game to play with friends that aren't too...
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    WTB: Saturn Import Keyboard

    Hi! I'm looking for one of these keyboards preferrably with the box intact. The model number I have listed for the keyboard is HSS-0129, though there may have been a later model produced (changing the color to white). If there was in fact a later model produced, then I would much rather have...
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    Netlink and broadband...

    Is there anyway that I can have a netlink make use of my cable internet connection? I'm fully aware that the Netlink will never reach the speeds of broadband, but I'd just like to know if I can use the Netlink without having to subscribe to a dial-up ISP. Any help would be much appreciated!
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    Saturn DirectLink Cable

    I read a Netlink/Directlink FAQ over at Gamefaqs and it listed Wachenröder as a Directlink game! After frantically paging through Wachenröder's manual, I saw no reference to directlinking whatsoever. Maybe I missed it in the manual, and someone could confirm the details of this... or perhaps...
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    At one time I had the English version of the ADX/CPK converter known as adxplay. All that I can remember is that it had a different filename than the Japanese version (it wasn't adxplay.exe). Can anyone help me out?
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    Linda3 (Cubed)

    I've drooled over the packaging of this game whenever it shows up on eBay... it looks like a dark, weird game. Has anyone played it? More importantly, is it worth it? I've seen the game go for around $60+. Any info on the game would be much appreciated...
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    Magic card v2

    Has anyone else heard about (or seen) this cart for the Saturn? Playthegames is on a search to find this rare little item. Here's what they said about it when I emailed them: Now that seems pretty cool, no? Well, for people who can't swap worth a damn like me... it definetly sounds great.
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    Pee cee-ef ex

    I'm really considering getting a PC-FX... does anyone here own one? More importantly, would you say that it is a wise purchase? There are a couple titles that I'm interested in, such as Der Langrisser FX (I'm a big Langrisser fan :, Battle Heat and that one shooter that was released for it (I...
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    Saturn Collection Pics!

    Here's mine. There have been a few addendums to the collection since I have posted those pics. Namely Groove On Fight, Super Tempo and Hideo Nomo World Series Baseball (hey, I got it for free ;)). Anyone wanna post their collection pics as well? (Edited by Blitz kun at 12:19 pm on April 12...