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    SegaXtreme Cross-Platform FMV Competition

    Seriously, well done! That Bad Apple demo reminds me of Red Zone on the Genesis, only it has full PCM audio and runs at a higher frame rate. The other demos are even more impressive - obviously the color palate of the NES is limited, but it's super smooth and I'd have to think on a CRT through...
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    Radiant Silvergun in English

    I don't think it was clear what you were advocating for - more access to people with hearing issues to follow the story.
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    Newest known Saturn SDK dumped by ndiddy

    neat - is there a guide somewhere that I could use to compile these myself? I found some older ones but it's hard to tell what will actually work on modern computers. I don't want to get into a yak-shaving contest if I can avoid it.
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    Best Solution for Playing Translations?

    Think about it this way. You could buy a real copy of Panzer Dragoon Saga for $2000. Or you could buy a Satiator and play a bunch of these awesome hacks, translations, and indie projects, plus games that most people are just never going to be able to afford. It's expensive but it's not...
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    Let's hack NBA Jam Tournament Edition

    It's really cool to see this come full circle - the work Nick did on interviewing the developers, finding out the Saturn and PSX versions shared a lot of code/assets, and then see it turned around into a brand new hack using tools and knowledge developed for the PSX!
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    Translating Grandia

    could be a weak laser too.
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    Newest known Saturn SDK dumped by ndiddy

    not sure if you're kidding or not (is there really a 1 million poly demo?) but are you talking about the Akira demo? I've been wanting to try it with the satiator, but not sure if it will recognize it or not.
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    Texture coordinates on the Saturn!

    I love the blood coming out of the cars, lol. Since you don't plan on making an actual racing game - any chance you'd post code examples for others to use for one?
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    Texture coordinates on the Saturn!

    That's really cool! I always wondered, after seeing Sonic R, if AM2 could have made Dural reflective (even if at a lower resolution). It might be limited in use, but it's a neat effect that could be great for specific situations.
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    Sega Ages: I Love Mickey Mouse/I Love Donald Duck Translation Discussion

    I was having problems with the background music stopping sometimes with my Satiator. I just upgraded the SD-card (CD music streaming with my old one didn't work at all), so I'm not sure that's it, but it is Nintendo branded lol. I haven't had a chance to try the Japanese version yet to see if...
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    Netlink ROM dumps

    Nice! Sadly even though I have a netlink and most of the games that support it, I think I've only ever used it once or twice back in the day. By that point the Saturn was very much considered dead, so finding other people to play with was pretty tough. I'm glad people are interested in this...
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    SegaSaturn portable (new enclosure)

    Not bad. That's about what I get out of my Nomad!
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    Translating Grandia

    I was going to say, I don't remember that.. but now I do, and no, they didn't put anything there in the HD Remaster (because you can use the English dub if you wanted). Honestly I think it's part of the feel of that scene, you hear this ghostly voice calling you, before you meet Liete for the...
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    Action Replay Flashing Codes

    Do you have any backups of the AR files you're talking about? I have ideas but I'm not sure how feasible they are..
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    HELLSLAVE : Project Z-Treme

    Those levels look great - the colors of the lighting for each "side" really show off your engine (the earlier ones seemed to be mostly muted/brown/gray, which I don't think did it justice). Also, nice use of the VPD2 in that rotating "earth" background! It's just amazing that we have this, by...
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    Action Replay Flashing Codes

    Is there any structure information on the backup data? Are codes stored as literal hex data in the dump? Funny I've had a Saturn since the beginning, and have an Action Replay now too - but I still haven't used it.. lol But this seems like a cool idea and maybe something I can actually wrap...
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    R-rated Dark Savior Saturn beta pics on twitter

    Looks fake to me. Seems really out of place for that game, lol. but it's been a really long time since I've played it. edit: I see there's an actual beta link somewhere. dang. Sega was willing to try anything back in the day I guess, lol.
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    Sega Saturn Patcher Discussion Thread

    Yeah, I thought the Satiator fixed that issue.. I have the Satiator and an Action Replay, but honestly I never had the Action Replay until recently, and I haven't tried to use both of them at the same time yet.
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    Which game would you say is the best one in history?

    A nearly impossible question because "best" will depend on who you ask, and what era of gaming they're most familiar with, and what genre they prefer. I've played nearly all of the games in your list extensively, but to be honest - I don't see anything there I really want to go back and...
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    Bulk Slash English localization project

    This looks awesome! I've never played this game, but I'm definitely going to when you guys are done - wow, I can't believe how awesome the Saturn community is after all of these years. Top notch work!