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    Is this BC Racers legit or bootleg

    I picked up a copy of BC Racers on e-bay, and it's tingling my spidey senses. The first thing I noticed was that the manual had a funny texture. It was still a thick glossy cover with thinner pages, and a professional looking double spine staple and fold. But the cover is somehow slightly less...
  2. J a legit store?

    Anyone know if is actually a legit store? I recently had a pretty bad experience with them.
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    Fix your game gears!

    My primary game gear finally died. Unlike my other game gear that just had the no-audio problem, my primary game gear would randomly power-cycle in the middle of games, which can also be attributed to the same caps. For those who don't know, due to poor imported capacitors at the time of the...
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    Any games significantly better SS versus PS1?

    Are there any games with both saturn and ps1 ports that are significantly different/better on one system or the other?
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    Permanently renewing cartridge slot pins

    Last week I finally went about modding my NES to play imports. You can find the details on the web fairly easily, all you have to do is flip pin 4 on the region lockout chip. I also did the solder to pin 11 (gnd) for safety. While I was at it, I was going to replace my cartridge slot assembly...
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    Groove On Fight (jp) "ram cart not connected" error

    Groove On Fight (jp) "ram cart not connected" error I have an action replay cart I use that lets me play imports on my saturn. It doesn't have the built-in ram upgrades like the 4-in-1 cart, but so far it's allowed me to play all imports. Until I got to Groove On Fight (power instinct III). It...
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    Phantasy Star Universe

    Did you know that Still takes you here? Worthless observation I know. But I was going through my 12 years of archives of my "favorites" links, and was surprised to see that my old link to segaxtreme still worked.
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    Road Rash Sega CD Blue Screen Of Death!

    LOL I couldn't believe it when it happened. I booted up Road Rash for the Sega CD and got a blue screen of death! It was just a blue screen with the word "placeholder". Well it didn't take too long of tinkering to figure out it was a backup ram issue. I deleted some files and it booted fine. I...
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    Are there any analog joysticks for playstation?

    I was just playing wipeout and thinking how this sucks playing with those terrible playstation thumbsticks. Well I guess that's not a huge revelation since everything sucks on the standard playstation controller. But this specifically, as about a decade ago I had wipeout XL on the PC, and played...
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    US games support for megadrive analog controller XE-1 AP

    Anyone ever heard of this? It is supported by a number of games that I enjoy and own. I can't locate one on e-bay so it must be pretty rare. There's a note that says it's unknown if support still exists in the US versions of these games. Does anyone know that? I...
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    SNES Pocky & Rocky sprite issues with S-Video

    I just got Pocky & Rocky for the SNES. The character sprites where all weird, cropped, moved, compressed. I tried everything, but eventually tracked it down to the use of an s-video cable. Now the weird thing is that I had tried to rule that out by using an old fasioned NES style RF adapter...
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    What is the best off-stream console to get into

    I've got and am almost done completing my collections for: Atari 2600, Lynx Sega Master System, Genesis, CD, 32x, Game Gear, Saturn, Dreamcast Nintendo NES, SNES, N64, Game Boy, GBA 3DO PS1/PS2 My question is, what should be the next system? For a while I had decided upon the Neo Geo...
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    Eliminate Down booteg IDing

    Does anyone have scans or shots of a legitimate eliminate down box/cart/instructions? There's a guy on e-bay who sells bootlegs all the time, and he says they are bootlegs in the description, and sells them for relatively cheap. But lately there's been a number of eliminate down's showing up...
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    Super Fantasy Zone Megadrive

    I just got super fantasy zone for the megadrive to complete my genesis collection. My genesis/segacd/32x want list is all checked off now! (not a *complete* collection, just everything I want). Anyway, just some interesting things. As usually I popped it in first without throwing my region...
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    Saturn light gun machine gun with laser sight

    I found this awesome saturn/psx light gun in the shape of a submachine gun with a laser sight. I can only find one instance of it on the internet,, search "naki light gun", it's about 2/3rds down the page, 4th column. Unfortunately I can't get...
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    How to save game in saturn quake?

    Just picked up quake at the discland buy 2 get 1 free sale. It creates a save file when you load it. But I can't find anywhere in the game to actually save your progress. And the start screen only gives you a "new game" option. There must be some trick, like hitting up up right a b at the level...
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    Under Defeat alternate view modes don't work?

    Under Defeat alternate view modes don't work? I recently got Under Defeat for the dreamcast. According to the options, there are 3 different view modes, including an auto-type and more iso-metric (lower) view. But no matter which I select, it always displays as the more default higher-view. I...
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    Another cart-boot CD game Found it looking for info on Flux. Are there any other cart-boot mega CD games besides these two? Makes you wonder if the entire first years run of Sega CD games couldn't have just been a CD audio disk and boot from the original genesis game. I wonder if we...
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    Timecop demo disk

    How rare is the timecop demo? I was under the impression it was fairly rare, that's why it took so long to get the gooddealgames beta release. I was surfing through the stuff from one of the 32x auctioneers, and saw this...
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    Flux for Mega-CD audio visualizer

    I thought I knew everything there was about the genesis/CD/32x, but just saw this today A late stage EU release mega-cd "cart" that does audio visualizations for your CD music. Anyone else know about this? Comments say it works on NTSC without issue.