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    hi there

    That beats the longest paragraph record by two lines. If you really read the threads about the closing of the FTP section, you'll realise that it has not as much closed as moved to another web site.
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    Jesus H Christ!

    I can already envision the underground gaming communities. On the other hand, the law will probably be edited.
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    Read the "where is the FTP section" thread very carefully and maybe you will find the answer.
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    i have a wee secret....

    Hey, when I saw the picture full size (it is shrunken on the page) the characters look a lot smoother and the overall impression is better. That logo will loose a lot from shrinking. Usually, when you design logos, they should be the right size, right off the start. That way you have much more...
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    i have a wee secret....

    What do you expect? I now have to go and buy the cupcakes.
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    i have a wee secret....

    Your logo, Gallstaff, seems to be aimed at a very young audience, with the cudly creatures dancing and smiling at the viewer. It also looks very rough. The letters are unpolished and will look bad when their size is reduced. The characters look jagged and disproportionate. As well, the effects...
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    Because he made you waste the precious twenty seconds of your life in reading his post? Come on, I bet it took you longer to respond. Plus, it is his first post on this board - don't be too harsh.
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    i have a wee secret....

    Hey, you aren't just drawing a picture are you? Because if you are, it better come on a cupcake.
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    i have a wee secret....

    I give my vote to the good doctor.
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    More Broadband Adapters on the way

    Phantasy Star v2 will still be up past the end of the year, I recall.
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    More Broadband Adapters on the way

    I hope they sell well.
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    Tomb Raider

    I dislike Tomb Raider I, but some of the sequels are very good.
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    New Mega Drive from Tec Toy

    You can find the pics if you use the link he provided.
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    Unfinished RPGs

    No. Never. I finish every game I start. I can spend months on a game.
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    Top 5 dreamcast games

    My favorites, in no perticular order:Shenmue Shenmue II Sonic Adventure 2 Ecco Defender Of the Future (see my avatar for confirmation ) Soul Calibur
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    A question

    Black and green coloring is the style of Microsoft hardware. Sidewinder controllers are the same. The XBox is a pretty bad design, I agree. It is not as time tested as SEGA, SONY or Nintendo design.
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    freakin bastards

    This topic has been covered in too many threads. Why not argue for why the XBox is better or worse than PS2 instead?
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    First new system purchase

    My first new system was a Dreamcast. I acquired all the others used.
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    Music in Video games

    My favorite music is in games: Ecco for Sega CD Ecco for Dreamcast Shenmue I and Shenmue II Lunar The Eternal Blue Music sticks quite a bit.
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    What's your username mean?

    What's your username mean? Noble don Rumata - hero of the Russian novel It Is Difficult To Be God.