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    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles HH

    I agree with Eticam. Good game, but too short and too easy.
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    Sega Camera on PS2?

    I think the thing with using Sony cameras, is all about money. I bet Sony'll pay a shitload to sega for it. +Sega pulled back from the hardware market, remember? As for the EyeToy camera, it's 1 of 3 possible models. Two which are registered on a computer as a Logitech cam, while the last...
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    Faking a server?

    Ah, ofcourse. if that´s the case, then I´ll drop it. Anyway, I´m no supporter of that. (piracy that is)
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    Final Insult to Dreamcast

    Actualy, I got the feeling that those who won those DCs for that low price doesnt think it´s a shame ^_^ But I do get angry when I see ended auctions like that... I was once looking for the Square Millenium Boxes (PSX) Suddenly found an auction that ended while I clicked on it... A PSone...
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    Faking a server?

    Yup, and by tricking the game to download a patch from another "server" than the normal one, we´re already on the right track for achieving my goal ^_ As for the backup thing... Well, why the hell shouldn´t I use that word... Okay, I bet 99,99999999999999% percent of the users of that...
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    PSO + GBA and quests...

    Recently, there´s been dumps of link-up games and e-card games... So I got the feeling that the EZ flash linker is the one that enables a person to do so... As you use the GBA itself as the both the flasher and dumper. (connected to a PC through a special USB cable...) Atleast E-cards can be...
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    Faking a server?

    Funny thing came to my attention... Anyone familiar with how to boot backups on a GC? well, it´s done by using PSO, connecting the GC to a computer, connecting to the computer through the correct IP seetings and stuff in PSO... And bang, you´ré already faking a PSO server (partialy) And...
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    I think this is illegal.....

    Auctions like these show up every day, almost every hour... Only a few of them slips through the fingers of ebay... Hell, even Betas and prototypes are illegal to sell on ebay now :-/
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    New Evil Dead Movie?

    ^_^ Let´s hope that if it becomes reality, they´ll actualy spend time on making it like a B movie. (Sorta like Bruce´s cameo in "The Majestic" + the original 3 Evil dead movies... wait a minute, like everything Bruce plays in... okay, he has a few cameos in non-B movies though, like Spiderman)
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    Panzer Dragon Orta, and all things X-box

    I´d stay away from Halo, as it´s actualy just an overhyped FPS game... (not gonna go into details) Anyway, Panzer Dragoon Orta is a good buy as it´s´´basicly 2 games in one! (Orta + you get the original PD as a bonus ^_^) Also, modding the xbox so you can run emulators for the...
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    N-GAGE -> Up yours :-P Anyone seen that horrible "Become a N-GAGE elite" (or something like) page that Nokia has put up!? They wanna pay you for playing with that thing! (honestly, that´s something they should´ve done anyway... no matter what) I don´t like the N-Gage, ´nuff said! I feel...
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    Hello, and Sega Dreamcast is...

    Love the Genesis/MegaDrive... Multiple designs. Add-on equipment (I love add-ons and extra hardware... but I don't love the price though...)
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    Sega 3D AGES games...

    Well, Golden Axe and Space Harrier bumped through that strange crack in my door today... (actualy, I don't get my mail delivered that way, it's actualy delivered in a mailbox 300meters away from my place...) Anyway, Golden Axe was a disgrace... It looks like something homemade... Without any...
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    Is LikSang reliable?

    LikSang is perfectly reliable! (´nuff said)
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    Sega 3D AGES games...

    I thought those green dwarfes were in Golden Axe 1 on the Genesis (along with the Blue ones, just that the Green were "rare") oh well... Anyway, finaly there´ll be something like a "new" golden axe... oh well...
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    QuackShot Starring Donald Duck

    I can´t count the total amount of times I´ve played through this game... My neighbour used to borrow it and rent it, as it was nowhere to be found for sale in my area... Great game! edit: Is world of illusion a sequal to this (similiar gameplay) or something more like Magical quest?
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    Most PS2 games are crap... Same goes for the Xbox... It's too many names and quick productions... And almost no new ideas... I can't count how many new game ideas that were tried out on the DC (same goes for the GC now) Anyway, I got Rez a couple of months ago for the PS2 and now I'm gonna...
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    Sega 3D AGES games...

    Okay, current date 21.09.03... 4 days 'til Space Harrier and GoldenAxe... If anyone gets'em before me, let me know whatever info you can share with me on them ^_^
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    iD software: Lost the plot?

    And we're back on track... I just read a funny thing almost EVERYWHERE online... Seems like history is about to repeat... Half-Life 2 SUCKS! (Accourding to the beta testers) The gameplay is supposed to be slow and dull. (just like I predicted, judging from the E3 12min trailer) So... The...
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    iD software: Lost the plot?

    The lack of jumping in games like Doom and Goldeneye is actualy VERY natural... Only game that has a jumping that works "natural" is Dark Forces. (mostly used for passing small gaps and climbing up small edges and into airducts) In Doom you can walk up small edges and if you run you can pass...