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  1. Runik

    Looking for info about ST-V nvram saving

    Hi there ! I'm trying to understand how the ST-V board saves its data ... actually it looks like the 28DIP chip labelled "XLJ6265AF-10SL" is the one I'm looking for, but I can't find any technical data or datasheet about it on the web :/ Has anyone any info about this chip ? Thanks
  2. Runik

    Mutant Sonic

    You like Sonic ? And pickles ? Time to go to Poland then !
  3. Runik

    Satourne V2.0 beta 3 released !

    At last, Fabien Autrel decided to release the private beta used for beta testing since the beginning of the year ... you can grab it here :
  4. Runik

    People still believe Team Cassini

    Yeah, Saturnin rocks :cool: Don't move ! This thread has just been hijacked ! (sorry quys :P)
  5. Runik


    And he plans on doing a dreamcast one ... :lol:
  6. Runik

    Saturnin WIP

    I've updated saturnin's website with some news and screenshots : compatibility is way up, and Radiant Silvergun is playable ! Check it out here : saturnin's homepage
  7. Runik

    ROM carts

    After doing some research regarding extension carts for the saturn, I came across games that use a ROM cart. AFAIK there're only 2 games using this kind of device : The King of Fighters ’95 and Ultraman. So my question is : is there any dump of those 2 carts available ? I would like to see...
  8. Runik

    Saturnin 0.30

    7 months after the previous one, here comes a new Saturnin release, as a Christmas gift You can grab it at the Saturnin website I'm now taking some days off Merry Christmas everyone !!!
  9. Runik

    Congratulations vbt !

    You have crossed the 1000 messages bar, and you're now officially a mod as well as a mad scientist :D Congratulations again ;) :party
  10. Runik

    What Pre-1985 Video Game Character Are You ?

    Here I am an abstract sort of creature, who dislikes any sort of restraint. If you try to pigeonhole me, I'll break the box, and come back for more. I don't have any particular ambitions, I just drift, but I am adept at keeping life going along. (If you were not a Breakout Bat you would be a...
  11. Runik

    The Grand List Of Console Role Playing Game Cliché

    It' a bit long, but it's a must read ;) Link
  12. Runik

    Just bought a Neogeo AES

    I finally put my hands on a used japanese system, with Samurai Spirits, Fatal Fury 2 and 2020 Super Baseball ... I spent so many money on these games back in the times (mostly on Fatal Fury 2) , it just reminds me the good ol' times :cool:
  13. Runik

    Grand Slam for France !

    After a really tough game and a lot of suspense, France beats England to win the 5th match in a row of the 6 Nations tournament ... A great revenge against the world champions after the defeat during the semi final of the world cup last year :) Final score : France 24 England 21 :party...
  14. Runik

    Sonic Adventure 2 Birthday Pack

    I just bought this pack, and there's an audio cd with a selection of music from all the sonic games released ... Is anyone interested in it being ripped and uploaded to the soundtrack section ?
  15. Runik

    Weird SGL registers

    Does anyone knows what the registers at 0x60FFCBC and 0x60FFCBD are for ? There's a gap in the SGL doc for thoses, and Saturnin keeps looping on them during some games, waiting for a value change ... If I hack the value the execution continues, but I'd like to know if it's related to an...
  16. Runik

    Shenmue Orchestra Version

    After looking for this soundtrack for years, I finally put my hand on it ! The booklet is a bit sticked inside, but otherwise it's brand new :) I love this soundtrack :banana
  17. Runik

    Saturnin WIP thread

    It's Vbt's idea, so you know who's to blame :P Shanghaï triple threat : the game loops after what I think to be the explanation screen Hanagumi looks nice now ! Let's see if you can spot the differencies with the Mame version ;) Saturnin WIP