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  1. incrediblehark

    Translating Cotton 2

    A little late to the discussion but I think the sound fits and plays fine, and is paced well with the text. Really nice work so far and looking forward to trying it out!
  2. incrediblehark

    Ninpen Manmaru English Patched?

    Awesome! That was a quick update!
  3. incrediblehark

    Ninpen Manmaru English Patched?

    That worked, thank you!
  4. incrediblehark

    Ninpen Manmaru English Patched?

    Just tried again... didn't crash but I did get this error.
  5. incrediblehark

    Ninpen Manmaru English Patched?

    Does this work with the redump bin/cue? Just tried and it crashed multiple times using your patcher. I am running windows 10 virtual machine so that *may* be the case, but the lunar sss patch seemed to be ok, havent played it yet though.
  6. incrediblehark

    Lunar SSS & SSSC MPEG Releases

    I think you're right, looks like a shadow underneath it as well to indicate it is a hanging shelf.
  7. incrediblehark

    Translating Fire Pro Wrestling S : 6Men Scramble

    Awesome work! As a fan of the Fire Pro games and Saturn, I'm really looking forward to trying this out. Been wanting to try getting into Saturn translations and all of the work being done these past few years is very inspiring. Good to see so much love for the Saturn!
  8. incrediblehark

    Model 1 Saturn region mod

    Thank you very much! This is a great help :D I really appreciate it. I'll give it another shot. Thanks for taking the time to help me out.
  9. incrediblehark

    Model 1 Saturn region mod

    I couldn't see it, I dl but says drawing failed and is blank. :( Thank you for your help, could you try upping a new pic, in .jpg? Thanks again.
  10. incrediblehark

    Model 1 Saturn region mod

    Hi, I was tring to install a region switch (US/JP) for my sega saturn. I followed the "instructions" found at and set up my switch how it shows. But when i try to turn on my saturn, the power led, continuously turns on and off. My saturn is a US...
  11. incrediblehark

    incrediblehark's FT list

    incrediblehark's FT list update
  12. incrediblehark

    incrediblehark's FT list

    incrediblehark's FT list -----
  13. incrediblehark

    Super HuCard

    Here's the link: You can read about it for yourself, it's pretty exciting (at least for me anyway). I downloaded the file and tried it out, and even though it can only play 60-70 games, still that impressed me. Except that some of the...
  14. incrediblehark

    Is this resonable?

    I got mine from ebay for about $25, I don't think it can play Vampire Savior, but I haven't ever tried it.
  15. incrediblehark

    Games for trade

    Really... That's pretty much what I was saying in my post, that was just some of what I am looking for. And it's not like they're all that crappy. I wouldn't go as far as to say VF3tb is a much better game than DW2, it all depends on what someone likes and is interested in.
  16. incrediblehark

    Games for trade

    There's been a few things I've been looking for, and I'd rather trade than try bidding for them on Ebay and paying way more than I wanted to. So, here's what I have for trade, and some of what I'm interested in. If anyone wants any of this stuff and has a fair trade, please PM me or reply to...
  17. incrediblehark

    FS: my games must go....

    Is Mortal Kombat 2 still available? Is it the Saturn version?
  18. incrediblehark

    LTB SNES or Genesis copyunits

    SNES backup units show up every once in a while on Ebay (that's where I got mine), pretty much all but the Super Wild Card devices, but I'm sure you know how Ebay can be, it's not always the best place to buy stuff.
  19. incrediblehark

    Wanted- SNES Copier

    I would like to buy a SNES backup device from someone in the US or Canada who is interested in selling theirs. I would like to get a Professor SF/SF2 (Game Doctor SF6/SF7) or a Super Wild Card DX/DX2, but I'd buy any working kind as long as it was at least 32M. If anyone has one they'd be...
  20. incrediblehark

    Is shining force rare?

    I hate it when people set up an auction on ebay saying everything is rare. "Ebay Auction #108743359- Super Mario Bros/Duck Hunt--***RARE****"