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  1. JDE

    Saturn repairs

    Hi guys,'s been a while. I hope you are all staying cool or at the very least slinky! So i've been doing some Saturn repairs on these three dodgy Chinese models for a friend. Hoping to get two fully working hassel free. One is for parts because the darn ribbon is totally munted! :/ * >>>...
  2. JDE

    r3 rogue Gundam

    My second fav Saturn Game Gundam! Hope to get into it more one day once i can finish Gun Griffon 2. I found this half built model Gundam years ago for two bux in an op shop. Finally finished it's custom paint job and made up some story about it. None of the following below is remotely true. r3...
  3. JDE

    GunGriffon and GunGriffon 2 -HI SCORES-

    Hi all! Im starting this GUN GRIFFON appreciation thread for our hi scores and any helpful information related to Gun Griffon and Gun Griffon 2. Gun Griffon was the reason i bought a Saturn! Post hi score proof in a screen shot pic(camera)...or a video would be extra crazy cool if you can be...
  4. JDE


    Hey there, i have a large Sega MS, MD, MCD, Saturn and Dreamcast collection. Look forward to getting to know you lot. Thought i might post this pic here since it's Saturn related. I rescued these two Nights promo stands from the dump. CD game at the bottom for scale. :cool: