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  1. Runik

    Looking for Beta Testers for

    Hey @Madroms ! Do you have some sexy Sonic panties in your lingerie store ? :cool:
  2. Runik

    Daytona USA running in WIP MiSTer Sega Saturn core by Srg320

    Impressive ... It's interesting to see that there are what looks like VDP1 artifacts during the demo which aren't present while playing ... not sure what could cause that.
  3. Runik

    Saturnin WIP thread

    Slowly putting back functions from the previous version ... transparency is missing, controls aren't responding, but it's progressing :) Oh, and don't trust the fps counter, it's way faster than displayed ...
  4. Runik

    Saturnin WIP thread

    :cool: Putting the images from the Discord server here too ;) WIP version including the VDP1 debugger :
  5. Runik

    Sega Saturn Lens Assembly

    Something like that ?
  6. Runik

    Panzer Dragoon Saga: An oral history

    Thanks for the link Anders, I enjoyed the read :)
  7. Runik


    Still (slowly) working on the world famous Saturnin btw ... source is on github, using imgui for ui, some modules are running nicely (sh2, smpc, etc.), but some aren't started yet (like everything display related). I try to be as much accurate as possible, including documentation in the source...
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    @Lord Darkstorm : yes, that really nice, and I'm glad to see familiar faces still around :) @dibz : I have discord on the phone, I'm not using it much but I'll add the channel to see how it's going :)
  9. Runik


    Same for me ... I've been away for too long ;) I received a dead Game Gear to revive today , that triggered an urgent SX desire :D
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    Looks like a nice fella :D
  11. Runik

    original swap trick method

    More info here :
  12. Runik

    this place is dead?

    And we will name it "SegaXtremists" :biggrin:
  13. Runik

    How old is SX ?

    Yup, for collectors, or nostalgics of that era ... I have a bunch of arcade stuff myself, mostly pcbs, mostly not working properly, and I love trying to fix them (I'm awaiting a delivery of 80 Jamma and non Jamma boards in the next 15 days )
  14. Runik

    Any resources for programming the NetLink?

    I compiled some data in the wiki too ...
  15. Runik

    How old is SX ?

    In the admin CP, go to the member profile, "profile" tab, and you have 2 arrows besides the "Reputation Points" field : one to list reputation received, the other to list reputation given
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    Great work vbt ! Those Pang / Super Pang shots are gorgeous ... Personally I'd love to see the M62 driver running. What's the story behind cancelled drivers ?
  17. Runik

    How old is SX ?

    The reputation system wasn't available before the last forum change. After checking which posts are concerned, it looks like a spam bot feature ... I reset your counter, you're not bad anymore
  18. Runik

    How old is SX ?

    It is It existed a few years before, I remember being registered around 1998 or 1999 ...
  19. Runik

    Looking for info about ST-V nvram saving

    Actually I was wrong about the chip : the correct one has "AK93C45F" markings (datasheet)
  20. Runik

    Looking for info about ST-V nvram saving

    Right on the spot, as usual ... thanks antime I came across the pdf you linked, but I wasn't sure it was the same thing. Time to investigate it's inner working now