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    Whats the funniest anime you have seen so far?

    I would have to say Ebichu Minds the House is the funniest. 154 Minutes of pure laughter.
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    what anime are you watching at the moment?

    Ebichu The House Cleaning Hamster Great Teacher Onizuka Jungle Wa Itsumo Hale Nochi Guu OH! Super Milk Chan Together they are the funniest and some of the strangest anime I've ever seen.
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    Viva Wal-Mart Online!

    Wal-Mart Online's PCs Wal-Mart Online is selling computers preloaded with LindowsOS instead of them being without OS or with windows. A big step forward for the open source community if you ask me. To think that LindowsOS has the simplicity of windows with the stablity of unix, finally someone...
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    PDS Burning Question

    I've download the files from ralos' great FTP and I've come up with somewhat of a problem. The files have to way to be joined, they are only a series of files with the extentions ranging from 001 to 014 with no rar or ace file acting to join them. What would solve this problem?
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    Rare stuff that you are proud to call your own...

    Hmm... Game Gear Model 1 Genesis Model 1 Saturn Atari 2600 Dragon Force w/ case Rob and Gyromite
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    Three years under the dmca

    The EFF(Electronic Freedom Foundation) has released a report on these past three years under the DMCA and why it should be done away with. Here is the link to the article(its in PDF format). Three Years Under the DMCA
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    Why we are a Sega Fans?

    I started my console collection with my parents Atari 2600. They always were gamers themselves so they kept an eye on what what new. For my fifth birthday they bought me an NES. When I first saw the genesis I wanted it so very badly, but my parents saw it as a waste of money. I got a SNES when...
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    CeBit 2k2

    I've had a spot of trouble with the Sony Playstation. The spindle that holds the CD in place just fell apart one day. But then again, I did have my playstation for about 3 years when that had happened.
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    Sucks being home on Friday and Saturday Nights :(

    Myself having little to no social life I can totally understand. The most I do is go to concerts when they come to my shit town texas. Not very often.
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    beat mania

    On a different note, have any of the DDR fans played Pump It Up? Its a dance style game like DDR except the buttons are placed at angles and there is one in the center. I don't know about you guys, but I like it more then DDR. Here is the website. (Edited by Swanolust at 5:14 pm on Mar. 14, 2002)
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    How much time do you spend on the pc each day?

    About 6 hours a day. I have school and I enjoy sleeping.
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    SSSCA Hearing

    More stuff about piracy protection. Article
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    How old are you and where do you hail from?

    18 Male Corpus Christi TX, one of the worst places on earth.
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    Don't order those goods from Lik-Sang just yet.

    I think this one speaks for itself. Article (Edited by Swanolust at 1:22 pm on Feb. 20, 2002)
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    Dragon Warrior/Quest Anime

    I'm interested in either subtitled, dubbed or raw versions of the anime series that only released 13 episodes stateside and 42 in japan.
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    Game Mags

    All I can say is stay away from GamePro. With horrible reviews ranging from one paragraph to half a page. But this might just be spite due to the fact Dragon Warrior 7 didn't make above a 2.5 on anything due to the graphics. - "This games looks like it was drawn by a retarded three year old."
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    Shenmue 2's US release was canceled and dumped for XBOX as all you loyal SEGA fans know, but good news for those of you not wanting to buy an XBOX for that game(Panzer Dragoon 4 is enough reason to). and local EB stores will be stocking the UK version of Shenmue 2 which is NTSC and...