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  1. fafling

    Action replay codes for nightmare difficulty in Saturn Doom

    It doesn't appear to have been found already. There was a report recently on Kronos Discord by user WhiteySnakey that the nightmare difficulty could be unlocked in the PSX version of Doom, and he thought that since the Saturn version shares some similarities with the PSX one, that difficulty...
  2. fafling

    List of all bilingual Saturn games

    There's japanese text for dialogs outside of fmv.
  3. fafling

    Stellar Assault SS English localization project

    Great project ! AFAIK the interlaced mode doesn't improve resolution in that game. It sets the display in single-density interlace, and since the game runs at 30 fps, that means the same image is repeated on both fields of the same screen frame. So the effect is just to remove scanlines on a CRT.
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    New dev on Saturn ... need help

    1. Mednafen is correct regarding 320*256 display. It is displayed correctly only on a 50 Hz console. It is shown as 320*224 on a 60 Hz console, the lower part of the 320*256 picture being truncated. The resolutions that Jo engine sets are hard-coded for each PAL/NTSC settings. There are other...
  5. fafling

    New dev on Saturn ... need help

    Cycle pattern display was added in Kronos v2.3.1 in the General Info pane of VDP2 debug screen. Kronos 2.3.1 - 32/64 Bits : debug tools are back :)
  6. fafling

    New dev on Saturn ... need help

    It was a cycle pattern issue. jo_set_displayed_screens calls slScrAutoDisp, which sets VDP2's cycle pattern register accordingly to the current settings of the layer that is to be displayed. In your example, if jo_set_displayed_screens is called without having changed anything to the settings...
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    Only on the console, Atomic robo kid has cram dots crawling on screen. Does the game actually update color ram during display ? Also the timer on the continue screen is too fast, the full screen explosion effects are missing (when you lose your last life, or when a boss explodes), and the Atomic...
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    The cue file lists a non existant wav file. Atomic robo kid still has graphics corruptions in act 5, less than before, so I was able to make it to act 6. Also at some point, when I got killed, I was sent back to act 2, and I had to get killed in that level to reappear in the last level I had...
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    Translating Ys 1

    It's a bug in Kronos where certain games, like that screen, only respond to inputs if they're mapped to the keyboard.
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    Balloonatics Thread

    704 resolution gives slightly narrower pixels on screen than 640, and should cover a slightly wider area : 704 has 10% more pixels than 640 while VDP2 frequency, so pixel frequency, increases by about 7%. Both resolutions have borders on the sides, which are black in your game, and which added...
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    Balloonatics Thread

    So like I said on Discord, the last row of water sprites still has flickers, the rest is fine, including the monster. Tested on a PAL Saturn switched to 60 Hz (there's no flicker at 50 Hz, but I don't think that's the intended framerate). So that it doesn't get buried in Discord, here's a...
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    SEGA Saturn 27th Anniversary Game Competition - Discussion Thread

    The 2 updated tracks are now 8-bit PCM instead of 16-bit PCM, so still not good for Satiator (red book CD-DA tracks are stereo signed 16-bit PCM at 44.1 kHz).
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    Windows 10 Search Bar Is Not Working!

    Don't know what that command line does, but does the problem go away if you reboot your computer ? Cause all the other suggestions from your link involve restarting some processes.
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    SEGA Saturn 27th Anniversary Game Competition - Discussion Thread

    @JBeretta I tried to play Zygo with the Satiator, and it complained about 2 of the music tracks : Track 1 because it's sampled at 48 kHz instead of 44.1. Track 4 because the header is invalid. Exporting both tracks to 44.1 kHz wav with Audacity solved the issue.
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    Newest known Saturn SDK dumped by ndiddy

    It's million polys per hour in lasagna, right ?
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    Sport Fishing 2 - a oddity, STV game that came with a cdrom addon and was never ported to Saturn and is not emulated

    The 1st Sport fishing is even more of an oddity with its laserdisc. Being released in july 1994, it appears to be the 1st game using the ST-V hardware.
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    VDP1 manual errata

    VDP1 and VDP2 manuals with fixes : Sega Saturn Technicals Docs Fixed
  18. fafling

    Sonic Jam 3D model extracted from arcade game Spikeout

    Looks like the fmv and title screen model of Sonic jam, but not the Sonic world's one.
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    Pseudo Saturn Kai official thread

    Yes, same kind of issue in Mechwarrior 2 and Space Hulk : the missing graphics are drawn with line commands with transparent pixel enabled. Interestingly, in Space Hulk, the map doesn't appear during the first briefing, but then in game it appears correctly, and if you exit the mission and go...