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    Well i understand why you posted this! game is great, monhilith made both these games. I never noticed though.
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    Condemed PC

    Apparently amazing, but when I insert disc it just shows a white blanc block. When I run the setup file it gives me a .dll error. My system req are fine and F.E.A.R works great. Any idea? :sleep:
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    Sega Genesis Games To Be On Nintendo Revolution!

    I just hope the don't give the revolution a stupid name... Purposed Rumored names like GO and ON suck.
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    The Force is with SEGA of America, Inc.

    SEGA sent out a press release announcing that they will be publishing a new RPG from Obsidian Entertainment on PC, Xbox 360 and PS3. No details were announced. The deal signifies SEGA's continuing drive to produce high-quality Western content for current and next-generation consoles. Obsidian...
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    Free USB FlashDrive from Micro$oft.

    BTW its 16mb!
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    Prepare to drool..

    As reported by spong yesterday the little blue hedhog is back from a new generation! This is a serious looking adventure game and sega has really had great sucess with launching new sonic titles. Hopefully this can put sega back into the hardware market as rumored. Here are some linked screens...
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    Dud's Big Sell/Trade Thread

    Dud's Big Sell/Trade Thread Hey pm me ill take it all off your hands.
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    Sega Plans Outlined From Play

    Courtesy of Play Magazine, the first outline of the revised structure at Sega has been released, ending speculation about, well, pretty much everything. It appears that Sega’s fragmented studios have been gathered into something resembling normal divisions (capable of profit, one might even...
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    goats big saturn sale

    I would buy all your games at a seperate price mate, i dont have a need for a saturn. message me with how much you would sell them for if your interested.
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    What are you listening to?

    Gavin DeGraw - Chariot Disc 2003.
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    Super Runabout not booting

    consider yourself lucky. but i have no idea. :banana :rtfm :looney
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    Family Titles

    So I just gave away an older version of my dreamcasts to my uncles kids, but i need to make some good games for these 10 year olds to play. I was just wondering what you guys would recommend. looking to burn about 7 games.
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    Sony's biggest folly or secret motive?

    Sony's biggest folly or secret motive? I don't mean to interject onto what your saying to any degree, but why exactly do you feel it's your business to tell someone "If it works why replace it?" They make a small percentage off of every warranty they sell but that is there only inclusion onto...
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    Interesting Flash Animation

    :banana :banana :banana :banana :banana :banana Check It OUt Guys.
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    Xbox Live 2mth free trial card...

    2months free under Amosx thanks dude. :cheers
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    FS: Items for sale by dj898 :D

    Genuine DC empty shell grey $12 Im interested but im sure shipping is incrediable to Canada? also do you have any pictures.
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    Final Fantasy VII

    Looking to right rid of this pc CD-ROM game called Final Fantasy VII.. I personally have never heard of this game and just want to get it away from my great game collection. I was hoping to get around 30 bucks CAD plus shipping. The discs are in really great shape and the manual and casing is...
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    Are You Interested in a Saturn Modchip?

    Count me in, with a little more information. what kind of modchips are they and what system mod can they work for.
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    PSP Titles Revealed

    Some vague news on what could become PSP new titles. but it's fishy. "Four new PSP titles have been vaguely described as follows: One multiplayer “sports battle” game, which sounds as if it could be a break from the line of ESPN sports sims. Although we’re praying for a conversion of the...
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    Dreamcast Lightguns

    I have contacted with the creator of what looks like the best lightgun avaible for dremcast.. Now he quoted me prices in USD over 1000pcs... i just wanted 1. as well as 2 of the xbox guns