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    What games have you bought lately?

    Great game But I also got Advance Wars 2 so it's been a while since I've plugged GS in :( [/b] Hell!!! Yeah!!! :cool: It came along with a map. Now the only thing I need is a GC with a GBA Player attached on it to have a full 32 inch pleasure :lol: :smokin:
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    What games have you bought lately?

    yesterday I bought Golden Sun for my GBA... w00t w00t ^_^
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    Who's your favorite comic book character?

    Who's your favorite comic book character? My favourite one is... Himura Kenshin from the Rurouni Kenshin Manga, also known as Hittokiri Battousai
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    Rank the best GameGear Games

    Shining force here I love this Series
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    What is the rarest SMS game?

    street firhter 2 & out run 3d never saw them in real life :unsure:
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    Help in Shining the Holy Ark

    Holy Shit !!! :agree I remember this one. Rocks for sure. :flamethrower:
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    Secret levels in Saturn Quake!

    there are three in total I think. one is before or after the Hells Antrium(inside the right window with the virtaux). The levels are Quake Arena(the one you got into) One level with High jumps and a Suppa-Duppa rolling comic with the 2 main characters giving the creeps on some poor...
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    what anime are you watching at the moment?

    These days I'm watching an old anime called Plawres Shanshiro(known as Jumaru) with tiny robots fighting each other on a contest. :)
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    I like your theory Gear!
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    Anime intros with good songs that you like

    Rurouni Kenshin: Sobakasu, Tactics, Himura Kenshin (Gut Guitar Version), Himura Kenshin (Original Mix), Hiten Mitsurugi Ryu, Kamiya Kaoru - Kaoru's Love Theme (Original Mix), Kimi wa dare wo Mamotte Iru (Acoustic Version) Record of Lodoss War: Opening(Both TV series & OAV) Ancient Books of...
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    Rurouni Kenshin

    I have to agree there! Watching the second OAV right after the first is really a strong feeling!
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    Rurouni Kenshin

    Pardon me bu I think the best way to watch them is: first OAV TV series movie second OAV I love that series!
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    sega inspired anime

    AFAIK There is no PS Anime in existance. The most close to PS(If we think of MS RPG games) is "Ancient Books of Ys OAV 1" but that's not from Sega and not Sega inspired also.
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    Just a quick hello!

    Only 2!!! One 40GB and ane 60GB but I kave a DVD-RW I was not downloading only when power supply was cytted and[I cheated here] I had 128kb ISDN for 2 & ahalf months during summer. But my PC is mostly online. Hello MasterAkumaMatata and thanks for doing tha math for me The time for me has...
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    Post your anime collection

    Ancient Books of Y's I Ancient Books of Y's II Rurouni Kenshin Movie: Requiem for the Meiji Restoration Patriots Rurouni Kenshin OAV: Running from Memories(Rememberance) Rurouni Kenshin OAV 2: Seisouhen Rurouni Kenshin TV: Episodes 1-23 +95 Rurouni Kenshin Special: Kenshin's Greatest ORO...
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    sega inspired anime

    Zillion Anime was before the game. The game came after the anime series!
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    Panzer Dragoon Movie

    I've seen a part of the movie. The main guy's name is Kyle if I remember correctly.
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    Just a quick hello!

    ha ha You're right mal!!! Hi there Ice! >cherok> Yup! I used to have the Medion one but my host deleted the file so I had to upload another. TOP SECRET: DSL is finally here. From the 1st of February I'll have a brand new 256Kbps connection(Yeah I know that this is really funny for some of...
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    Just a quick hello!

    Nothing interesting to this topic, I just wanted to say a quick hello to the board members(some of them may remember me). I'd like to thank cww80 for his mail & for his interest to me (I hope he has changed his way of thinking about that company... 'Sony' ). Hello Mal,hello ExCyber, hello...
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    Unfinished RPGs

    Suikoden 2 Beyond the Beyond Legend of Oasis Shining Force CD Book 3