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    Dreamcast Dev's Donation Intel i5 Desktops

    Hey, Ice.. long time no see. ;)
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    Rise fwom your Gwave!
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    How do you Catalog your Game Collection

    That's certainly true. The funny part looking back on it was the amount of drama that was blown out of proportion. Things such as "hacking the site"..which no one did. Anyhow, it was almost 5 years ago...and is water under the bridge as far as I'm concerned. The fact of the matter is that...
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    How do you Catalog your Game Collection

    Such hostility. Amon, let me know if you want to tie your program to VGR. We already have an xml feed that isn't being utilized after a creative differences disagreement with the folks. RevQuixo
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    What are the most rare genesis titles?

    Warsong & Herzog Zwei are fairly desireble games here in the US.
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    Test your SMS/Saturn knowledge!

    Rhymes with Shadiant Milvergun Saturn Quiz 40/40 NES Quiz 1: 34/40
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    Another website about Saturn

    Well it's stuff like that that I need to know from people who own the games. One of the reasons we put the submission system in place is to fix bad data that was found elsewhere on teh net...not duplicate it. That being said...fixed. :)
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    Another website about Saturn

    Yes we have ~150 or so Japanese releases left to add to the database, but I take offense to your notion that our Japanese is incorrect. We painstakingly research every title and use a consistent romaji scheme which seems lacking on some of your entries. I'd enjoy some specific examples of...
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    Another website about Saturn

    Well i beg to differ.... :P
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    It exists on the 3DO as well. The saturn version had a significantly smaller run than the PSX version if I recall from the time I worked at EB, but it is out there.
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    My game collection

    I not only run the site...but I'm a member as well.... ;)
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    how old is every 1 here, seriously

    I dunno, I was pretty rabid about wanting a genesis and half a million games... and my parents were more than willing to comply, just to get me to shut up. I still remember opening it on Christmas Day... it was the bundle pack with the Lion King. That game kicked some serious ass. [/b] The...
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    What do you think about my site

    Night Striker
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    First PS3 game Climax?

    Yep. The UK Climax is totally different than the Japanese Climax
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    Sega CD games list

    Okay guys need your help with the European Mega CD section on VGR. I've added 61 games thus far, but they are missing a lot of the data (item numbers, barcodes, box texts) And of course there are a ton that I haven't gotten to yet.
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    Jim Power

    Well a ROM does not a release make.
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    Estimate how many games were made?

    SegaFreak: Do you happen to have the item numbers and barcodes for Primal Rage & Stellar Assault Mega 32X (PAL)? I found little thumbnails of the covers on the net, but precious little other information.
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    Does anyone know exactly what the rarest 32x game

    Spider-Man is the rarest US title. Darxide (only released in Europe) is the overall rarest title.
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    6-button 3do controller (and ballz Q)

    Wrong. 6 Button control pads just remap the L, R and the P buttons onto the right controller area. The regular L, R, and P buttons may still be on the pad, but they just duplicate the buttons.