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    hello again

    had a dream last night that i was buying all these great rare megadrive games. i get them every so often. anyway its sparked my official return to the board. oh yeh and 4 those who helped me out with that ebay purchase just b4 xmas, i decided to buy the megadrive and im awaiting delivery...
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    Ebay Dilemma

    hi all its been a loooong time since i last visited but you know how things go... anyway i really need some advice, yesterday i purchased this megadrive from ebay LINK i was overjoyed until i found out postage would be more than the cost of the item! new total is 120 pounds! which is like...
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    annoying tv problems

    this has been rather irritating. im all out of ideas right now. let me describe the situation for u. the girlfriend, as they do, has messed around with her av equipment and somehow buggered it up. the original setup consisted of the foxtel digital unit, tuned to AV1, which plugged in using...
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    ps2 central station

    heres my situation i've setup my ps2 broadband connection and passed all the tests. it then attempts to access the central station network so i can register my serial numbers etc but can never connect to it. what the hell??? :blink: im located in Australia, any other Aussie users got thier...
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    Last project for Sonic Team...

    Last project for Sonic Team... :( As of yesterday Sonic Team re-merged with Sega and now cease to exist as an independant team. They are releasing an audio cd consisting of thier favourite tracks as thier final release. Check the link below for more info and links. SOURCE
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    removing rental stickers

    i've got a couple of geny games with rental stickers on the game stickers. they're the kind that rip the game sticker if u try and peel them off the normal way. has anyone found a good way to remove the rental stickers without damaging the picture beneath?
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    has anyone tried MAMED? anyway i've made a selfbooting cd of pack 13 and after it shows the usual bootscreens and disclaimers, it just goes to 2 white arrows. pushing up shows 4 arrows, start makes it reload and the right trigger brings up options. what the problem is, is that there is meant...
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    looking 4 a Nomad

    lik-sang are doing the "temporarily unavailable" trick as usual. anyone got a spare Nomad 4 sale? better yet is thier a source elsewhere? thx
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    good game. a bit repetitive in some sections. i turn it off when i die. worth buying when the price drops. i paid AU $110 for it!
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    what game/series would u like to see return?

    i was inspired to create this thread from Darsh's post here We've got Guardian Heroes back for the GBA, Altered Beast in the making, Shinobi and Ninja Gaiden both resurrected, what other classic series would you like to see return? i say BRING ON STREETS OF RAGE!
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    Sonic Heroes

    i think its average. Sonic Adventure burns it hardcore for gameplay. dissapointing.
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    a google image search for "megadrive" eventually lead me to this page what the hell are these MAGISTR drives?? how bout that PSONE looking version?? WTF
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    can i get some info on the PS2?

    yo, i recently bought a PS2. what i want to know is what is available to me as far as modding and customizing the console goes. im mainly interested in playing original copy US games on my PAL platform i also have an interest in a hard drive.
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    graphic adventures!

    for me the Amiga was and still is my platform of choice for graphic adventures. i own all sorts from the Sierra series to Cruise for a Corpse what were some of your favourites? what are some of the crazy things you've tried in them? did you know on Monkey Island u can use the poison flower...
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    Prince of Persia

    What did you think of Prince of Persia Sands of Time? i thought it was an excellent game but really lacking in the DIFFICULTY department. the original POP had so many moments where it would be really tense but the new version still seemed to be struggling to recreate it. pop2 and 3d sucked ass...
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    your amiga

    i'm running an A2000HD, 68030, Kick3.1, a 50mb HD and a 30mb HD. got the standard 1084s for display and the Amiga itself has an ECS chipset. i got a mad load of original software too.
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    DC resets itself - fix or replace?

    my DC just started doin that shit where it resets itself. Today i turned it on and it failed to boot also. i know this was discussed some months ago my apologies for bringing it up again. what was the result? do i need to replace my unit or is there a simple problem i can repair? there isnt a...
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    what the hell is this?

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    Sonic Compilation

    mine is black and white. WHY. i had a look on ebay and i found it for sale as cart only, so i checked the pic and it also had a B&W sticker. whats up with that??
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    Would you believe?

    "SEGA DAYTONA SHIFTER COVER PLATE" :blink: ... well i suppose you could replace a broken one with this?