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    SonicJump for SegaSaturn

    I' have started this project to know "how difficult could be a Saturn Developer in 90's". I was a videoGame developer but in the "new era" so the answer is realy hard! A good Saturn programmer is very skillful from my point of view. So get back, the SonicJump it's not the new version because...
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    Policenauts Hacked :D

    Hi to all, We take the PSX translation and We did a hack for saturn.... but this version has about 700 more lines. If anyone knows Japanese please help us to finish the game! We've released the first video showing some of our actual progress: Policenauts Enjoy and Greetings. More info...
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    Saturn freeze on load

    Hi everyone, I have a big issue with my Sonic port, i will explain a little. If it's about memory corruption or access time, I don't really know. At first i'm using SGL. The problem is related with sound, when I load two o more sounds (PCM files) to low work ram (0x200000) in the emulators...
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    slRandom really works?

    Hi friends, I'm in the middle of a nice project but have some problems with the function slRandom. The game will be about cards, it's an Argentinian practice. I have this code for mix the cards. Previusly I have defined, MAX_CARDS 40, false 0 and true 1. [hr] short mixCards() {short...
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    How to control the framerate

    Hi I'm a video game developer, but not yet professional on Sega Saturn. I need to coordinate the framerate on this machine. Anyone know, how can do this?. For example I need to reproduce a function like SDL_GetTicks() from SDL. Thanks. PD: sorry for my english :cwm3: