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    SX Arcade!

    SX Arcade is now open, to try it out click on the link at the top of the forums page. There will be tournaments and new games will be added regularly! Please rate the games.
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    Broken PS2

    I got a broken ps2 for free. When you try to turn it on, it has no power at all. I checked cable, the main fuse in the power supply, and looked at the motherboard fuses. They all appear fine, although I don't know how to tell exactly if the fuses on the motherboard have blown. I have double...
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    Boards are back!

    The message board is back online. It has been upgraded to the latest version of the forum software aswell as being moved to the new server. You may notice that you no longer have any skin selections. Skins built for the older version of the forum software are not compatible with the new one. I...
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    Board Downtime

    The message board is currently being moved to the new server. Due to the large size of the database, it may take up to two hours to complete the process.
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    I ordered something with Fedex overnight delivery, and was shipped last Thursday, but I havne't got it and this is the tracking info: Scan Activity Date/Time Comments Arrived at FedEx Ramp MISSISSAUGA CA 06/20/2002 20:52 Left FedEx Origin Location CAMBRIDGE CA...