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    Guardian Heroes for XBLA!

    Guardian Heroes, one of the greatest games of all time and a Saturn classic is coming to XBLA on October 12th. Who wants to play? Would love to brawl it up with a bunch of the old SX crew . I have VampyreMike (think that was his name on here?) and Scared0o0Rabbit willing to join in. Anyone else...
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    Almost no SEGA news? Bullshit! Nights : Journey of Dreams

    SPeaks for itself...
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    Modded Xbox+ extras, cheap!

    Hey guys, as with my DC listing I need to sell my prized possessions, my videogames due to financial reasons. These are the last things I own that have any monetary value. I am selling the following: -Modded XBox: -has xecuter 2.2 modchip w/ the external dip switch. Lets you switch the mod...
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    DC Lot, my loss is your gain.

    Hey guys, due to some financial trouble I need to sell my DC games. Kind of a hard thing to do, but it's come down to selling the last thing I can get any value out of. I want to sell them as a lot, due to ease of shipping and my limited time. Price is somewhat negotiable but no low-ballers...
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    Heyas all those who remember me, what's been happenin? :).
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    AMD = god....,,7832_8...~109409,00.html nuff' said
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    Anyone wanna play a free MMO

    SOOOOOOO anyone wanna play a free MMO w/ me? EQ1 all the way up through the 6th expansion I believe. Lost Dungeons of Norrath I believe is the last one that works. Basically a grp of ppl got together and made their own EQ1 server....changed all the quests and zones and stuff around so it's new...
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    Firefly vs Serenity

    I am in the process of watching them all now. I have a paper to write on it actually, about all the differences between the series and the movie. This as simple as a piece of clothing, or names, to big stuff liek events and whatnot. Anyone have any they care to share? Lets see how many we can...
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    Best AAC codec...

    What's the best AAC codec out there? I am looking to rip all my shit in lossless, this a good format? Very noobish on lossless :-p.
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    Looking for a car stereo...

    Ok, so I just bought me a 92 Toyota MR2 and once I pay it off, I am lookin to get a cd player and whatnot in it. I am looking for one I can plug an ipod into it and use that as a hdd or sorts. Either play it through the ipod, or even the radio remote (awesome :)). Now what does the ipod...
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    Anyone playin DDO?

    Just curious if anyone has played DDO, or plans to. For all you not in the know check it out.... DDO = Dungeons and Dragons Online BTW, haha. I have played a lil beta at my friends house and it rocks :). Seems to be better than WoW or EQ2.
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    Me playing Ikaruga... CRAZA!
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    Alienware laptops...

    So I am lookin at laptops, about a grand in my limit. Alienware looks liek they make a good one that's right up my alley, light and compact yet w/ nice power. 1350 bucks shipped for a pentium m 730, xp pro, 2yr warranty, 40gig hdd, wireless card, ethernet, even a 56k modem, lol. 12.5'' 16:10...
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    Help me design a shirt!

    SOOOO my friend just said somethin today that was funny and struck me well. "I wish my grass was emo so it'd cut itself". NOW, I thought this could make a badass shirt. I really have no artistic talent or view so I am completely lost, lol. Anyoen think they could design a badass shirt around...
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    Any DDR2 amd boards?

    Anyone know of any motherboards that support DDR2 athat also support the new Athlon 64x2's? If not, any eta on when they commin?
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    A good multiplayer game

    What are some good games me and my friends can play online that are similar to diablo? Just a fun, easy goin game such as that. Only reason we'd want to play another one is cause we have beat diablo tons of times and it'd be ncie to have sumthin new. Any suggestions?
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    Can xbox media center or whatever it's called stream content from your PC to your xbox? Would be WAY cool fi it could....I run a couple yr old version of it and don't use it much so I dunno. Anyone know?
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    What's your fave torrent proggy?

    What's your fave torrent proggy? I am currently using a build of bit's alright ut I wanna know what else is out there and good. What do you all use for torrents?
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    Might get a blackberry..

    Anyone know what kind of apps/emus the blackberrys have? They look kinda cool but I will for sure get one if it has emulators and such. Not sure what's out there. Anyone know?
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    just got a PS2, what games should I get?

    Just got myself a PS2, what games should I get? List any and all you think are worthy titles.