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    possible boot disc

    Is it possible to make a boot disc where you would load it up, then swap for the import disc allowing it to be played on a sega cd such as a japanese game being played on a us system? Aka along the lines of how freeloader works.
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    swap trick with ram cart games

    I recently purchased a new action replay 4mb plus. I wanted to test to make sure the ram part is working properly, so i decide to use the swap trick, however when i do it without the cart, intead of booting up and giving me a screen to insert a ram cartridge, it boots after the sega screen, but...
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    WTB:SFA2, Fighters Megamix(jp),action replau (sat)

    I am looking for either Street fighter Alpha 2, Fighters Megamix(jap version), or an action replay 4m plus for saturn. I am looking to spend about $7-10 for street fighter alpha 2, $7-10 for fighters megamix, and about $15 for the action replay 4m plus.
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    saturn not booting

    I have a saturn that has a mod chip installed. The problem is that the saturn can no longer read data. When ever i but a game in it will play its audio fine, but will not recognize it as a game, is there any way to fix this?
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    christmas nights 2 data track problem

    I downloaded a bin+cue christmas nights image and the image is fine and everything, however it gives me a message saying my burner will not burn in dao mode. Is this due to the fact that christmas nights uses two data tracks? If so is there another way around this or a possible way to patch it?
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    burning rangers cue problem

    I recently downloaded burning rangers from a hub, however the cue that came with the file refuses to load on cdr-win. It gives me an error saying "Error Invalid Cue Sheet command at Line 5 Previous File Is Not a multiple of the specified block size. This is what the cue sheet looks like: FILE...
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    21 pin mod for saturn

    I have a 21 pin mod for sale. It is one from jadman. The problem that happened is in the process of trying to mod my saturn i acidently soldered two pins together. So as you can guess the cd drive is screwed. Well I am wondering if anyone is intrested in buying it. As far as i can tell the wires...
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    Dreamcast goes off after license screen

    I was playing doa 2 import today on my dreamcast and it was playing just fine. However just now when i tried a different game, After the bios screen where it says produced by or licensed under, the screen goes black and the gd stops spining, whats odd is that the power is still on aka the led...
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    Final Fight sega cd jap vers.

    I finnaly found the jap vers of final fight cd and i am wondering if it is possible to get it converted to work on a us sega cd system?
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    translateing dreamcast games

    I was wondering if it is possible to translate dreamcast games? I have some jap ones and it is a pain when you look at faqs and they are not finished.
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    earth worm jim se

    I was wondering if the us version of earth worm jim se has been ripped? The reason i ask is because every time i go to an fto to d/l it, it's always the eur version and it has become really anoying to d/l it and find out it is the euro version. Does anyone know an easy way to tell if it is the...
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    sonic cd jap experimentH

    I tried this little swap technique after burned the jap version of sonic cd. When i started up the us version of sonic cd i opened the disc door and swaped it with the jap version of sonic cd at the title screen. When I started the game it worked fine and was playing the jap music in the order...
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    mortal kombat cd sound problem

    hey, a couple of weeks ago i d/l mortal kombat cd from allons ftp it think, anyway when i burned it i discovered all the track had a scatchy sound on them. I was wondering if there was anyway to fix this?
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    Sega cd covers

    Where can I get sega cd covers that are designed with regular cd cases?
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    Genesis model 1 mod

    I have a model 1 genesis and read you can do a region mod for it.But reading the guides is knida confusing.Does anyone have a pic of how it is supposed to look after you have done the mod?
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    Rent a hero guide

    I currently am playing rent a hero no 1 for dc. I remember rent a hero for genesis/megadrive. The only problem is that there is no guide for the genesis/megadrive version.Does anyone know if there is a english patch for the game or where there is a guide? :woah:
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    Sega CD brms

    Does anyone know a site where i can find sega cd brms? Also does anyone know what treasures site adress is?
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    I am looking for a sega cd that works for a good price and I found one on for about $40.I was wondering if this place is reliable?If not is anyone selling a used working one for a good price?
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    Final fight cd jap and us version

    Beside the chicks what else is different in the JAP version? Are the voices different? Also is there any difference between the genesis version and sega cd version of earnest evans?
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    sega cd not loading

    I have a model 1 gen and a sega cd.When i first booted it up it would get as far as the opening screen for the any game then freeze and keep loading.Then i opened it up and blew the dust out of the inside.Now when it boots up,it trys to load a game and when it does it resests back to the splash...