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    40 in 1 cart

    Pirate card. Worthless. A dime a dozen, and you could find better.
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    PSP: First real video w/Gran Turismo 4 Mobile

    Hehe. I can picture it now. Instead of "Man, thats old. Just goto HK and get it" we got now "Man, thats old. Just goto JP and get it" :-)
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    PSP: First real video w/Gran Turismo 4 Mobile

    Well I assume stuff like this would be old for anyone like Des or CC who lives in Asia or is a part of that community. They in general get a lot of stuff sooner than in North America. Like for instance, right now I think a lot of people here would consider something like a "Treamcast" rare now...
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    A Biohazard Home Video I Remember!

    Oh that Taiwanese video.
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    Can somebody please explain mahjong to me?

    Those games don't even play real Mahjong. They play some basterdized 2 player japanese varient.
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    Gundam VCDs

    Just be carefull. A lot Chinese edition cartoons are dubbed in Chinese, and a large portion are only subtitled in Chinese. Otherwise its usually Japanese with Chinese subtitles.
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    Lets try this again...

    They have HK Silvers which have multi-games on one disk. They usually do stuff like remove the video for all the games except for the "Main" one they want to sell the disk as, and the other games usually are smaller and use stuff for music like MIDI's or some kind of non CDDA thing.
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    Card GAME HUNTER instruction

    Thats correct. There are no know carts which can beat the protection. There are some carts which help aided swapping, but those have been long phased out in favor of mods.
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    PACHUKA's modded saturn of doom!

    PACHUKA's modded saturn of doom! Well, the big problem with the battery mod is that your VCD card wouldn't fit it. Granted, not many people have one, outside the few who imported from Japan/China, but its still something to think about.
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    Anybody play the new Outrun 2 Arcade game yet?

    In Toronto Outrun 2, Virtua Cop 3, the new Inital D, all of those have been out in Chinese arcades for a long time already.
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    This site claims to sell 64 pin mod chips

    FYI - the mod’s are listed on that site as V2 but those boards are older revisions than the "claimed" regular model. They just don’t know what they’re talking about. The only reason they list it as V2 is because the older versions are much more fool proof, as everything is onboard rather...
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    Gundam VCDs

    Chinese stores like broadcast books probaby have them. Something like 6 VCDs for $10 or less. You can get them as a pack or single videos. But pretty much any Chinese cartoon store or rental store would have them. Many have full series for rental (ie walls and walls of series if you don't mind...
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    This site claims to sell 64 pin mod chips

    Those are older mod boards which have long since retired in the Asian circut. Well, I suppose pretty much all SS mod board are retired now. Just looking at leftover junk stock people want to get rid of.
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    Just to clear up some old confusion

    As far as I know there were two kinds of Saturn CD-Rs. Developers can only use that one (As pictured) on their own dev systems with the use of a Sega Key Disk. As you can suspect there is nothing diffrent about those disks compared to a regular CD-R. The second type of CD-R has a ring directly...
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    Well there is Photo CD software that can author disks (Works like any DVD professional grade authoring tool), but as you can expect it went for a few 100 dollars (to companys) and isn't sold anymore after Kodak started doing its own Photo CD developing. After that time, Kodak only distributed...
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    Modding Model 1, 20pin

    20 pin mods arn't made anymore because there isn't a market for them (though almost every Chinese store carried them). The Saturn is so old no pirate manufacture cares, and they've all gone to bigger and greater things. The only people left who need 20 pin mods are the guys who were never in the...
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    What's this 4in1 ???

    What's this 4in1 ??? Your talking about Magic Strong Cards (Literal Translation), and yes I've seen them in stores before. But like most of the "classic" sx staff who have been around long enough will say, those cards are totally useless. Basicly you plug it in, and follow the onscreen...
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    A Saturn cartridge that can play backups????

    For those of you who aren’t in the loop (Or years too late), you can play CD-R games without a Mod Chip. In Chinese stores they previously sold clone cards and other cards (such as the Super Strong Card) that would slow down the CD-ROM drive and allow you to swap with ease. You just follow the...
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    XBOX vs GameCube

    You can get the HK/Japanese version of PSO for your computer. That one lets you host your own servers and stuff for free, and you don't need serials for it.
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    Marvel vs. Capcom 2

    MvC2 IS shallow. For any experts who play SF at all (If your an expert anyways), you'll find the game goes Combo for a while --> Super move to Link --> Another combo --> Super Link to swap --> ect.