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    Hi-scores page?

    Hey, What happened to the high-scores page? I had some Wave Race 64 scores that I would like to check again :)
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    Mega Drive country switch mod

    What exactly is the point of the country switch? I thought the only protection was the cartridge slot which can be bypassed with either a cart adapter or by trimming the plastic. I've broken the 157 chip leg so I can't do the switch mod on my MD2 anymore. I did the 50Hz-60Hz mod successfully...
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    Fishing rods

    I'm looking to get a fishing rod for my Dreamcast, I see that there's a third party fishing rod that's easier to get than the official one which goes for quite high, are they worth it? I've never played any fishing games before and I'm also unsure about which fishing rod to get but the concept...
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    Games that use the 3D controller

    Apart from NiGHTS what other games use this pad? Is there a list somewhere? To be honest I didn't like NiGHTS that much it's very unresponsive and a bit slow, at least the version I have which is just an early jp demo (HK silver).
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    Saturn 50hz/60hz mod help

    Before I attempt to mod this Saturn I thought I would ask here for some help first, this model was made in 95 and has a 64 IC chip, doesn't seem to have a JP2 marking on the board neither, my doubt is where to cut the trace and where to solder the wire, here's a scan of the board: I also...
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    New Super Mario Galaxy video

    Serious mind blowing :o or flv
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    NEO-GEO and MSX to Virtual Console

    Check it out on Nintendo's site Awesome news ;D
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    Mortal Kombat Armageddon (Wii)

    Looks surprisingly fun :o
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    Wii Bootloader Real or a very convincing fake? Time will tell...
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    Super Paper Mario

    New images of this awesome game at There's also a ton of vids on youtube
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    Save State archive sites

    Does anyone know any site that collects NES save states? I lost my Super Mario Bros 3 save state when I updated NEStopia to 1.32 and I don't want to start from the begin. Zsnes save states for Allstars are ok too but I like the NES version better of SMB 3.
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    NES Netplay

    How is the netplay on the NES emus? Which NES emulator do you preffer for general play?
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    [For sale] Dreamcast acessories

    I'll be selling my modded Saturn and my PAL Dreamcast consoles, I think it's best to start with the accessories since no one likes to buy big lots. Total Control 5 Plus features: -PSX and SS controllers with full rumble support. -VMU support -PSX and SS Driving Wheel -Arcade Stick mode...
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    Super Mario Bros DS video Amazing animation on Mario glad they went for the 3D models in 2D view, imagine if Sega did the same with Sonic on the next generation systems. Famitsu scan
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    New Nintendo Revolution photos

    Found this site while browsing, it's from a Nintendo booklet full of prototype photos of the Revo controler, GBMicro shells, Revo case, concept art, etc This booklet was meant to be seen by Nintendo interns after Revolution come out to the public but apparently...
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    Nintendo DS Lite

    Nintendo DS LiteRelease Date: 2006-03-02 Price: 16800 Yen Feature: 4 adjustable levels of brightness (ala PSP), thus the name "Lite" Old Size: 149 x 85 x 29 = 275g New Size: 133 x 74 x 22 = 218g
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    Controller mockups

    Interesting site I found has a great article regarding all mockups to date check it out here. I liked these two:
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    Zelda OoT lost and found new enemy!

    Don´t want to spoil the surprise so watch the video first! For full article and instructions go to :arrow:
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    New Gameboy SP models

    Model AGS-101 available in Graphite / Pearl Blue now with a brighter sharper LCD screen backlighted like the Micro: Source
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    New SEGA PS2 gamepads