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  1. J

    asshole kids

    i'm past the legal age to beat the shit out of them
  2. J

    asshole kids

    I wish i was 15 again i'd beat the shit out of all the kids in my neighborhood. Scratched my car up
  3. J

    What's your username mean?

    What's your username mean? no idea how i came up with this name. My real name is joe so it's not my name. I know i use a similar name for hotmail because it was the first alias that came to my mind "jim".
  4. J

    First new system purchase

    the first system bought just for me was the genesis. i had a c64 before that but it was also for the family. first system i bought with my own money was the sega cd bought it when it first came out.
  5. J

    First new system purchase

    atari forget what one it was the one with the wooden look to it. wasnt really bought for me by my parents since them and my sisters had it before i was born.(i believe i'll have to look into the history of it)
  6. J


    i think you can take it apart and then remove the plastic tabs for where the cart gets inserted.
  7. J

    good games?

    what are some good games for the dreamcast. I'm going to get one for free so i was just wondering.
  8. J

    suggestion i made

    I made a suggestion to myst before she became estranged from the board. I suggested we have a gens monopoly competition. so there's my idea type what ever you want about it.
  9. J

    What song are you listening to?...continued

    teenage wasteland- the who
  10. J

    quick thought

    Since dating shows are becoming more popular on U.S. tv i wonder if the dating sims of japan will catch on over here. (true they'll have to add some more races to the games instead of white young looking manga girls, slightly asian manga girls, or just asian girls)
  11. J

    Fav Current Generation System Poll

    that's my vote
  12. J

    Fav Current Generation System Poll

    i didn't think you could do polls on here hell i would have had a few polls by now. well i voted.
  13. J

    What song are you listening to?...continued

    brain damage- pink floyd
  14. J

    so you're saying it has back up sega cd games?
  15. J

    to the site managers sugestion

    yes it is when a adm comes on they'll move it.
  16. J

    worst sega expirience

    i think roo couldn't pick up weapons because he's a kangaroo. I mean i've seen their paws they're not much on being able to carry weapons. that and i dont think they'd know what to do with one if they did have them. but they should have made him more powerfull i mean you get kicked by a kangaroo...
  17. J

    game genie

    the playstations gameshark was all in hex right? i remember if i had one valid code for a game i could just figure out all the other codes for it.
  18. J

    game genie

    I'm dissapointed that i can't find game genie codes for every genesis game made. you'd think there'd be codes for every game but there isn't.(some games i can't find codes for are shadow run(true i beat the game but still i want some codes for it) theme park(there has to be codes to make the...
  19. J

    worst sega expirience

    sega's handling of the sega cd.
  20. J

    plans for my birthday

    sorry I edited all my posts before you got to read them yes it did. everything I thought was going to happen did self fulfilling prophesy no just I know what's going to happen. my birthday as told by the person who lived it and not jim woke up around 130 sat around in front of my tv and...