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    Lunar 2: Eternal Blue Saturn Translation

    This will end up being the best version of this game to play. The Saturn version is really nice with the loading times and transition of battles. I saw this a year ago when I played the Japanese version the whole way through.
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    Sega Ages Space Harrier (Rev A 13M) - Hard Hacking Infinite Lives

    Is there some sort of way I can do this? None of the Master Codes for the PAR codes seemed to work, even with what Psuedo Saturn Kai has and all the codes I've searched around on Japanese blogs. I came up with this on the Mednafen debugger for the trigger when you lose lives. But I have no idea...
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    Translating Lunar Silver Star Story

    It's a shame you guys can't do Lunar 2 for the Saturn with the Working Designs script as horrible as it is. The Saturn version of 2 starts and exits battles so much faster than the PlayStation version. I tried looking at DATA.PAK. I have no idea how it's able to be extracted. I'm assuming that...
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    Translating Lunar Silver Star Story

    Subtitled. I managed to get through. I had an instance of freezing on two of those battles with the sphere face enemies before I uploaded a save. I didn't try AI the third time and everything seemed to be fine. Froze once at the cutscene FMV when you become a Dragon Master. It could have been...
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    Translating Lunar Silver Star Story I'm having a freezing bug whenever I fight these enemies in the Black Dragon Cave. Here's a save I made from my MODE and Save Game Copier. Thanks.
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    Translating Lunar Silver Star Story

    It's everything from the PSX Working Designs localizations and not a retranslation from the ground up. All the typical dumb ass pop-culture references are there. The Sword descriptions have jokes about "how size matters". It's horrible. It really is a shame.