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    SX and TW - what to do?

    Nice, however, some color choices and graphics need work. Integrate logo better or a new one is needed. I think a modernized version of the current logo would be perfect. Color choices need work, mainly the nasty gray used a lot in the menu and content. I'm guessing this is nowhere near...
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    Fucking Right!

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    typing tuitor prog?

    Typing of the dead really won't be a good idea for learning how to type. It's good for improving your typing skills but if you're starting out with nothing it's probably next to useless. I would go for an actual typing tutor program like dibz mentioned.
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    Need Donations to upgrade the messageboard

    Well, I'm not trying to promote IPB, but the switch to vBulletin would probably be pretty painful. I think IPB has proven itself for larger sites also, I've seen it running smoothly on sites with 1000+ active members.
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    Need Donations to upgrade the messageboard

    vBulletin is not cheaper than IPB. vBulletin (1 yr license): $85 IPB (1 yr license): $69.95 vBulletin (full license): $160 + $30 per year for updates IPB (lifetime license): $185.00 one time fee
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    Why am i no longer a mod?

    You don't want to know what I had to do to become an administrator.
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    Car guys: Can you help recommend a car to me?

    Toyota MR2 80s 90s or new. Nissan 300ZX Honda Civic? :\ Toyota Paseo as Pearl Jammzz said Saturns are ok
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    Post your desktop v.2

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    Don't Take the Elevator!

    Don't Take the Elevator! yeah people do this kind of thing all the time in some of the dorms here
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    What are you listening to?

    Listening to:Acceptance-Phantoms-(Advance)-2005-RNS Mae-The_Everglow-(Advance)-2005-RTB NOFX-7_Inch_Of_The_Month_Club_01-VLS-2005-SDR Onslow-Give_It_To_Me_Straight-EP-2005-gF The_Rocket_Summer-Hello_Good_Friend-(Advance)-2005-RESAmong others.
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    This is One Powerful Machine!

    Fastest production car is Koenigsegg CC, 242 mph.
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    New Litespeed Computers Webpage Layout?

    For a computer technician who drives to your house in a corvette, a website like this is a perfect fit.
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    about my new town

    I live in #1 Minneapolis also.
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    My Car Died :(

    The autmatics with the buttons on the wheel or other non-typical means of 'manual' shifting are annoying to me mainly because people confuse them with sequential manual transmissions which are what I like to call "good." Manual models cars generally have significantly more horsepower and better...
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    My Car Died :(

    In both rear wheel drive and front wheel drive, the wheels can spin at different speeds. Anyway, often in rear wheel drive only one wheel is powered in normal driving. Anyways, that's too bad ice, but at least now you can upgrade from the automatic (eww). :thumbs-up:
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    Music Compression and Quality

    I don't really think bandwidth is a problem these days is it?
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    Music Compression and Quality

    --alt-preset extreme? Please do NOT use 192k CBR MP3. Ew.
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    Match of the Millennium!

    Let's just say that SX and sister sites use a rediculous amount of bandwidth.
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    Which Console is the toughest?

    I once dropped my Xbox on a small child due to improper positioning technique but it still works. The Xbox at least.
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    SX Arcade!

    Added Square Bear Reversi.