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    Any seniors in high school here?

    Just wanted to know if anyone else was going through all of this stupid college stuff. It's such a pain in the ass, I've been up for hours filling out applications and writing stupid essays on topics I don't care about... ARGH! sorry, guess I just needed to do some venting...
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    Problems with Linksys router

    Ok, heres the setup I have: I have three computers: Desktop #1, Laptop #1, and Laptop #2. All these computers connect to the internet via the linksys 4 port router that I have. Now I need to get rid of the firewall for only Desktop #1. Under the DMZ Host page (which is a part of the setting...
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    Problem with hard drive and dvd drive

    I have Three drives on my computer (All IDE) a DVD Drive (Master Secondary) a CDRW Drive (Slave Secondary) and a new 80GB Western Digital Hard Drive (Master Primary) Now here's the problem. Now after putting the new hard drive in, Whenever I pop a CD into the DVD Drive, nothing happens. The DVD...
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    Networking xp to xp

    Heres the deal. I have two computers (desktop and laptop), both running XP Pro. I have them hooked up to a router. Both of the computers can access the Internet fine. Now here's the trouble, the laptop can see the desktop, but the desktop cant see the laptop. I have all the same stuff installed...
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    Go Maryland!!!

    Sorry, but I had to express my enthusiasm for the Terps winning and being No. 1 :biggrin:
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    I found a copy of Riven (The English PAL Version) for $35. Now I'm wondering is it worth it? All the CD's are in only near perfect condition, and the Cardboard Casing or something that housed the CD's are missing also. I know this is an uberly rare game. What do you guys/gals think?
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    Really screwed up my DVD-Drive

    Ok, I really dropped the ball on this one. I have a Samsung SD-612 DVD Rom Drive, and I was updating the firmware, but I flashed the drive with the worng firmware (I flashed it with the SD-616 firmware) I was thinking that I could just flash it with the right files when I realized I screwed up...
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    I've been thinking about getting a PDA/ Pocket PC. I dont really need anything too high tech, so I also dont want anything too pricey either. Any recomendations?
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    Crypt Killer

    I finally got Crypt killer off of ebay, but the thing is that I didn't get any booklet with it (course I only paid $2 for it so its not too bad) but what I'm confused about is how to use the 'bomb' button that appears in the upper corners of the screen and when you're using a light-gun, how do...
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    PDS Help

    I was using the instruction at the ign site and here's what they say: Obtaining the Light Wing Dragon To obtain the Light Wing Dragon (Laser Level 6), you must first free the infant dragon from the Shellcoof Genesis Chamber after mutating to the Eye Wing Dragon (Laser Level 4). Let the story...