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    hello again

    had a dream last night that i was buying all these great rare megadrive games. i get them every so often. anyway its sparked my official return to the board. oh yeh and 4 those who helped me out with that ebay purchase just b4 xmas, i decided to buy the megadrive and im awaiting delivery...
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    Dodgeball Danpei

    guess you'll have to play it and find out...?
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    What are the most rare genesis titles?

    hmm rare games... if you can find it on ebay more than once in your life, its not that rare... Pirates GOLD i would agree is rare. Alien Soldier, SOR3 & Megaman Wilywars are high price fetchers. ECCO JR has proven difficult to find complete i believe its quite rare. but Toe Jam & Earl...
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    Ebay Dilemma

    yeah its for collectors value. i love anything to do with megadrive and sonic. this is what he said about postage: "Hi Ben I have researched postage and courier services for this item (4.5Kg in weight) and it's very expensive. I normally use Parcel2Go who have quoted (incl VAT) £65 and that...
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    Ebay Dilemma

    hi all its been a loooong time since i last visited but you know how things go... anyway i really need some advice, yesterday i purchased this megadrive from ebay LINK i was overjoyed until i found out postage would be more than the cost of the item! new total is 120 pounds! which is like...
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    annoying tv problems

    this has been rather irritating. im all out of ideas right now. let me describe the situation for u. the girlfriend, as they do, has messed around with her av equipment and somehow buggered it up. the original setup consisted of the foxtel digital unit, tuned to AV1, which plugged in using...
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    How does HAM work?

    amiga supports HAM :blah
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    GameCrazy stores anger me!

    LMFAO sad but comedy. i think i've told my story before but just in case i'll share it again. it occured at my local "GameTraders" which as u can guess is a primarily second hand games store. a woman was at the counter with her son buying some megadrive games. she noticed the clerk put a...
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    Nintendo 64 emulation on Dreamcast!

    a saturn emulator would be significantly harder to produce and alot more resource greedy im sure. as for the 64 project, the developer deserves props simply becuase there is no way i could do that myself. what i'd like to see though is time put into projects like snes and genesis emulation...
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    Tomb Raider originally for 32X?

    mal if that elephant stamp is still up 4 grabs...
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    What D&D Character do you pick most?

    What D&D Character do you pick most? i ALWAYS play paladin. i use the same one i started back in baldur's gate 1.
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    ps2 central station

    heres my situation i've setup my ps2 broadband connection and passed all the tests. it then attempts to access the central station network so i can register my serial numbers etc but can never connect to it. what the hell??? :blink: im located in Australia, any other Aussie users got thier...
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    Sonic The Hedgehog 2

    bonus rounds :agree
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    Sega Genesis Model 1 Region + Overclock Mods

    so overclocking is just the word being used here. i was beginning to wonder what the hell...
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    What I found in Internet

    about this sega sucks stuff... theres truth and theres exagerration. yeh segas products have flunked and not been supported/marketed blah blah. BUT. we love our sega. nuff said. pc fanboy.
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    Sonic Adventure

    i dont like sa2 as much becuase they took out the adventure stages and the character select. i would much prefer continuous levels as one character. i end up losing my lives becuase im trying to rush through the other characters stages so i get get back as sonic again. the camera in sa is a...
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    Sega Genesis Model 1 Region + Overclock Mods

    since when could u *overclock* a genesis anyway :blink:
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    Sonic Adventure

    Sonic Adventure is choice. I found the gameplay SUPERIOR to all following sonic titles (SA2 and Heroes!). I beat the game to it's ultimate completion, that is, obtained all the emblems with all the characters. Sonic Adventure is my second favourite sonic title of all time, Sonic 3 & Knuckles...
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    New PS2...

    the idea of making them smaller is to reduce manufacturing costs. Since a new "cheaper" model ps2 was recently released i doubt a re-modeled ps2 will b released until alot later if at all. i recently bought a ps2 but have since grown terribly bored with it. i did buy it 4 the excellent games...
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    Sonic Advance 3

    i find the level exploration disturbs the flow of the gameplay. in other words, its annoying i cant just run through the levels.