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    Loads Of Saturn And DC Stuff (UK PAL)

    I'm selling a crap load of stuff this week. Lots of rare saturn games, loads of DC games, some sealed and a few GD-Rs.
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    Model 1 Swap trick problem

    I've been trying the swap trick on my old model 1 Saturn and it seems to work every time. However, some games won't load. They boot up ok, get to the title / menu but the just won't load the actual game... The disc will just spin without getting read. Can anyone suggest what is wrong? It...
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    How to Rip Saturn games

    I'm looking to backup a few games. Is there a guide anywhere that can tell me how to rip and burn them? Tony
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    (Another) Mod Chip Problem

    Hi, I recently bought a couple of mod chips (one with 2 wires attached and one older model). I am trying to mod it with the one with the attached wires. I have a Model 2, 64 pin UK PAL Saturn I have placed the ribbon cable in correctly and the mod board as will - although it needs to face...
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    Huge DC And Saturn Collections [BE Quick]

    I'm selling my massive DC collection And Saturn Collection :(
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    For All Lovers Of Dreamcast |Please Read|

    I know you've all probibally seen this but here goes. This is a site setup in order to help new games be produced for the DC. I strongly urge everyone to go there and sign everything you can get your hands on. If enough of us do this there _will_ be a...
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    Giant Mega Drive Promo Stand / Booth

    I have to let it go, so it's on ebay UK.
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    Mega Drive RGB Cable (In The Uk)

    I've been looking for one of these for ages now but can't find them for less than £15 ( :o ) Does anyone know where I can find one of these for a reasonable price. Thanks guys Tony
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    Where to buy Initial D? UK

    Hi guys! I was in Italy last week where I got the chance to play Initial D in the arcade. Needless to say I am now helplessly addicted to it and really need a copy for my Saturn! The only problem is e-bay only has one, and it's a Buy It Now at £40!!! I was wondering if there is anywhere I...
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    Dreamcast System Disc 2 + GD-Rs

    I just thought I'd show everyone what I have for sale...E-mail me if you are interested. Bidding on the System Disc is at £95
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    Dreamcast Modem!

    Hi, I'm in the uk and have a standard UK PAL Dreamcast. Now, my question is; what speed of modem do I have? There is now way in hell that it's a 56k modem. Is there anyway I can but a 56k? Browsing on the DC is so cool but ruined with its slow speed. Thanks
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    Dreamcast Resetting After 10 Mins

    Help! I got a second hand Dreamcast about a year ago and have used it less than frequenly (untill I got Shenmue that is ) However tonigh my DC reset itself after 10 mins of Jet Set Radio. It then continually resets itself until it is switched off. I have treated my DC very well but when I...
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    Must Have Games

    Hi! I'm looking for a small-ish list of great UK Dreamcast games. Not ones that are impossible to get or cost £1000. I saw Sonic Adventure 2 for £14, is that good? Thanks
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    Urgent!  Does USA equipment work in JAP

    see title. Thanks
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    Crazy Saturn

    Hi, This has been bothering me for a while so I thought I'd ask some advice. My saturn has been 'playing up' recently and sometimes refuses to load games at all, other times it'll load them no probs. The disks are clean and scratch free and I have used a CD lense cleaner on the Saturn with no...
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    Quake III On-Line?

    Ok, I've got an account (I think - I never payed anything). When I get connected it tells me that it can't get a response from the main server! Is it still up or will I never play DC Quake III online? I could really use a step by step guide to getting online. Thanks PS the browser works...
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    works with scart but not rf!

    I recently sold one of my saturns to a friend and when we tried to play it on his tv we realised that the saturn would not work with the rf cable however my other saturn did! I just wanted to know if this is a known problem or not? Now I need to buy a new scart cable from Lan-kwei
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    Quick help needed!

    I just wanted to know if it's possible to boot a NTSC copy of soul calibur via a boot disk. I have utopia 1.1 but it doesn't load it. Would the newest one do it? Or any other boot disk? I just want to know before I ebay it. Thanks.
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    Woo!  My new 3DO!

    I just thought I'd show you all my new 3DO. The picture is not great but I e-mailed the guy and he showed me some more pics, it's mint and in it's original box! I had the exact same model whan it was first releaed but sold it for a PSX (D'oh). I can't wait to get Need For Speed up and running...
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    Dreamcast Mouse [UK]

    Can onyone tell me where I can get a hold of a mouse in the UK? Thanks