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    Just happened across the site, I was a regular on here many years ago - and my login still works! I'll be reading what you've all got to say and participating in some SEGA goodness like the old days :w00t:
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    New Saturn Territory Mod!

    I'm gonna have to try this one myself! It's a simple looking Saturn country mod that appears to change territory by using the reset switch. All you need is some wire and a cheap IC that can be found in a 3 button MegaDrive pad. MOD HERE! Check out the main page for cool mods for many consoles...
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    Saturn Country Code

    Hey guys! I was just wondering if it is possible to patch a Saturn iso with the country code 'JUE', thus enabling it to run on any territory Saturn. I've got a PAL and a Jap Saturn and it's a pain burning a different copy for use on each. SatConv doesn't seem to have the option to patch more...
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    I love my FZ-1, and I'm wondering what everyone's fave games are! I'll kick off Killing Time (Fantastic! Best adventure FPS ever IMO) Need for Speed Road Rash PO'ed Super Street Fighter II Turbo X Shockwave Assault FIFA International Soccer Who's next?
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    Not entirely sure what's going on here...

    Not entirely sure what's going on here... Mad. That's all I can say. There are some scary people out there...
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    This looks like a nice site.

    I found this site while I was doing a bit of research, it looks pretty cool.
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    FZ-1 50/60Hz mod?

    Hi everyone, I'm hoping that someone out there has the information I am lookig for, as I can't find anything on the net. I have a PAL FZ-1, and as some of you will know PAL machines display the picture in 'letterbox' format and the games also run 17.5% slower than on an NTSC machine. Does...