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    Shenmue Online

    This makes me very, very sad.
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    Cool Sega Wallpapers from Hitmaker

    Well, Sega is shutting down the Hitmaker website come July, as well as the Amusement Vision site....
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    Post a Picture of Yourself

    I can't stop listening to that and giggling.. and finally, a proper serve, not delivered by me.
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    Post a Picture of Yourself

    Haha, Self-Service.... .. you know... I got served...
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    Post a Picture of Yourself

    Nobody ever complains about me being incredibly small, except my girlfriend...
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    Hottest Sega Females

    Ine-san, all the way.
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    Post a Picture of Yourself

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    Happy Birthday!

    OMFG, thanks Protosstic, its not like you know, my friends forgot or anything.
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    Anybody like Jazz?

    Isn't masturbation a good thing?
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    Bizarre brushes with fame

    Hmm, I was accosted by Tim DeLaughter of Tripping Daisy/Polyphonic Spree fame. I was chatting it up with the coat check guy well before the Polyphonic Spree show started, and apparently Tim was leaning over the counter listening to me rave about them, then he turned around got an inch from my...
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    Thanks for the feedback, guys, and gal. I think I'm gonna shop around for a Toshiba, I've kinda got an all Toshiba entertainment center already. Woohoo for brand loyalty.
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    What are you listening to?

    Ratatat... I don't think their album has a name yet..... and the greatest band ever The Unicorns haha! I'm so indie, I've got five shirts on!
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    Anybody looking forward to this weeks Stargate?

    Hmmmm, da1mon/Taelon where are you? Stargate's your thang!
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    I'm thinking of getting a laptop in a month or two and was wondering if anyone knew of a good site/store to get a laptop from, or had any recommendations?
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    Agartha (GunValkyrie) for Dreamcast Screenshots

    Yeah, the Official Dreamcast Magazine had a big spread on Agartha, it was looking really, really good. Oh yeah, lets not forget this is about Gunvalkyrie :P I've seen some videos of it running on DC, it looked pretty much the same. And it wasn't any wonder the controlls on Xbox were hard to...
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    Sega Gaga

    I really tried to play this game, but couldn't get past the second scenario, trial and error can only get you so far. The guide on gamefaqs doesn't really get that far either. I wouldn't recommend importing it unless you're a collector or have extensive knowledge of japanese.
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    Agartha (GunValkyrie) for Dreamcast Screenshots

    Erm, Agartha wasn't Gunvalkyrie, It was a game developed by No Cliche that was looking rather it, baby.
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    What if your favorite rock/pop star was in a game

    Is Bujingai really that obscure? I've had my eye on it for awhile, its even getting a US release, I believe.
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    What if your favorite rock/pop star was in a game

    What do you mean if? I've got Bowie in Omikron... I think... I never got around to getting past the sucky parts.. specifically that one part where you play the game.
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    I wantto see your Desktops!

    I'm too lazy to clean up my desktop for screenshot, so here's just the best background ever.