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    For some reason this never gets old

    Been reading this since 2000 at least a couple times a year.....and it still manages to make me crack up. Clickzor
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    Surround Sound

    I'm fairly sure that Pro Logic II is a fairly recent development (or at least more recent than the Genesis or SNES). I also HIGHLY doubt that either 16-bit system had enough power to use it.
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    This month's PC Gamer sucked

    This month's PC Gamer sucked Yeach Coconut Monkey was cool. Still got a cardboard cutout of him standing on my monitor. I was pissed when they stoped the whole extras stuff on the CD's.
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    The PSP/DS Thread

    Sony has pulled off some amazing battery saving shit in the past. My MiniDisc player can go for a good 40 hours on ONE AA battery. Granted that's only playing music but it's still pretty good considering it's a disc medium.
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    New PS2 Pic,

    That won't help if the games don't have drivers for it. USB isn't some magical plug that just still needs drivers.
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    S-Video not working!

    Most likey it's a bad plug on the TV. Best bet is to get it fixed...unless you feel comfortable enough opening up a TV with potential to kill (even if unplugged) yourself.
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    Ps2 16:9 hdtv and component cable

    The automatic switching is a bonus really. It's really more of a way of identifying what the signal is and what to do with it. It's like having your TV automatically switch between progressive and interlaced depending on the signal.
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    The Star Wars Trilogy DVD Set

    43?!?! Jebus it sells for that much here and that's in CANADIAN dollars.
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    Ps2 16:9 hdtv and component cable

    A true 16x9 signal has a special flag in it that will cause widescreen tv's and good 4x3 projection tv's to resize the image properly by themselves. This results in better vertical resolution and a widescreen image. The fake 16x9 signal forces the user to switch their tv manually, assuming...
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    New PS2 Pic,

    Nope it still has the external power brick like the previous versions. DC is the smallest console ever made with an powersupply inside.
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    Segata Sanshirou Shinkenyugi

    They were on television but they made the game and included them as unlockables. Hell most of the videos of the commercials you see are just rips of the saturn games videos.
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    Blue Laser drives comming out VERY soon

    Keep in mind that your average 35mm widescreen movie has an effective resolution of like 4000x3000 (yes yes I know this isn't widescreen but that's where the anamorphic projectors come in). So anything really that wasn't taped at NTSC resolution would look better. The bigger question is would...
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    New PS2 Pic,

    It's still fugly, the Japs will still kill each other to get one and it will still die as often as the big one.
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    Spyware/Trojans Multiple Attacks

    Like I said a hardware firewall makes your IP look like it's unused (unless you forward pots) to port scanners. This prevents attacks that relly on exploits in certain protocols to work. A hardware firewall doesn't protect you from bad stuff going OUT of your PC. A software firewall would help...
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    Spyware/Trojans Multiple Attacks

    And do you have a HARDWARE firewall/router? Alot of spyware/trojans/whatever look for open ports on your PC to try to break in through. The ONLY way to trully get rid of that is to use a hardware firewall which will make it appear to the internet that your PC isn't even there (except if you...
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    You do realize this thread was started LAST YEAR right?
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    New DC Shooter!

    Well at least it's a change from the flood of crappy PC hentai games that have been getting ports to DC the last year and a half.
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    Funny Football Commercial

    Ah one of the many funny Pro-Line commercials we get up here in Ontario. Pro-Line is a lottery of sorts where you pick 3-6 games and their outcomes (win for either team or tie game). If you get them all you get a set prize (more if you pick more than the minimum 3 games and up to 6 games per...
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    Component Mod for Saturn

    And honestly with the saturn running at only 320x240 resolution better quality would really make the jaggies stand out. It's actually better with lower quality because it blurs out the harsh lines a bit and makes the images look smoother.