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    Ninja Gaiden-XBOX Challenges

    I know many of you are playing this godly game! Here is a challenge! Complete Chapter 1 with as many Karma points as you can under the limit of 15mins,and get Master Ninja! You have to complete the chapter under 15 minutes in order to get the bonus time completion of 100.000 points. My score...
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    JAMMA 2004

    ''Once the yearly highlight of the Japanese Arcade scene ,the JAMMA show,like its industry (coin'oped industry) has seen better days.Those hoping the 2004 event might heradld a reversal of the arcade market's decline would have had their hopes shaken by the smalliest turnout to date,with neither...
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    Memory Cartridge from Lik-Sang destroyed my Saturn

    Well i bought a Save cartridge not official from Lik-Sang..i placed it on my Saturn and when i powered in my baby on ready to back-up my Radiant Silvergun saves files..then the saturn crashed in the Sega Saturn Logo screen..the time where the saturn letters appears..with a looping i...
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    Castlevania Ressurection Prototype no comments!!!!!!!
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    dreamcast and ikaruga(h e l p)

    im terribly confused well i decided to buy a dc and an original ikaruga disc the questions that made me lost my sleep-s e r i o u s l y! 1. if i buy a PAL DC (i live in Greece and we use 50HZ standard PAL as well as 220 volt) can i run my original ikaruga disc(JPN-NTSC)on my monitor via a...
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    my pc sometimes refuse to turn off(WINXP PRO)why??

    recently i've problems sometimes when im trying to turn off my damned pc(WINXP PRO) when the message :''saving settings'' appear it will stay there forever so i've to reset it using the reset button and with some luck it will finally be shutted down why? i've 2 HDDs,and i've not defragging...
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    radiant silvergun emulation

    as a shmup freak just a simple question: giri giri hack or the new ssf emulates the radiant better? giri giri is good in my 1.7 ghz p4 for radiant (45-50 fps usually sometime even better) but giri giri hack generate many graphical glitches/bugs and a very annoying sound emulation my pc: p4...
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    a complete SMS/GG shmups list

    im doing a research to all sega consoles shmups titles list so post here any links/pages/texts/sites about SMS/GG shmups from us/pal titles to all that JPN rare titles thanx
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    a complete mega drive/genesis shmups list

    im doing a research to all sega consoles shmups titles list so post here any links/pages/texts/sites about megadrive/genesis shmups from us/pal titles to all that JPN rare titles thanx
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    problems with my saturn Action Replay 4M AUTO PLUS

    i bought a 4in1 ActionReplay Ram cart but the save function isn't work only the Ram function.. i think i've damaged the cart by putting it out while the saturn was powered-on..but the weird thing is that only the save options are out of use..any advice? im putting the loads the 1MB...
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    a complete saturn shmups list

    does anyone have such a thing?a complete shmups titles list..includin all the jpn/us-ntsc/pal titles? a text? a link to a site?
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    Wanna play a REAL 2D game?

    Beeing the biggest 2D-Game fan in the universe i was surprised by this TREASURE gem..This pure shoot-em-up is a 2D heaven!When i played that game for the first time yesterday i couldn't believe that the game i was playing was a 32-bit CD game...And i played it..played it..ALL DAY..No...
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    DRACULA X FOR 32X!!!!!!!!!!

    Well..i 've heard that Dracula X-Nocturne in the Moonlight was originally planed to release for the SEGA's Mega Drive/Genesis Add-on...32X!In this beta there will be a level with a zeppelin..and Alucard's hair not white but black(?). I've also heard that SOMEWHERE on the net there are some...
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    Where are you from...?

    I am from the sunny Greece..Too hot here guys!
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    CastleVania Heaven!

    Are you a 'Vania fan?Then look here: This guy has the complete collecion of the japanese CastleVania games..the Akumajo Dracula games in Japan! The original Sharp X68000 disks..the Mega drive cart Vampire Killer (Bloodlines)..the original...
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    Goodbye social life!!

    Well...i will soon (tomorrow) have to kiss my social life goodbye...girlfriend too .The reason is Dreacula X-Nocturne in the Moonlight.Beeing a huge fan of the a$$-kicking CastleVania series...Symphony of the Night of PSX is my best game ever...i was dying getting this game!Sotn is...
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    Dreamcast Finished...SEGA Unstoppable!'s some articles i gathered from the cool Edge magazine about SEGA's Dramatic Decision to dump console manufacturing and focus exclusively on developing software.. Enjoy... "What is SONIC?This may seem like an odd question,but during a period of significant change it is one worth...
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    Saturn in Popularity Shocker!'s an article from the EDGE magazine,issue June 2002 "JAPAN:As the green buds of multiformat prosperity appear,it's time for spring-clean on a corporate scale.Sega's Game JAM 2 event gave the softoware giant an opportunity to clean out its attic and to sell many now retro-cool items...