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    Dreamcast 2 ?

    Um, did you completely forget about a certain Hedgehog named Sonic? Sony doesn't even have a mascot. They tried that with Crash Bandicoot, and now Crash is multiconsole too, and not even controlled by his creator (Naughty Dog) any more. Anyway Dreamcast 2 was a joke made up by the folks over...
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    The Best Saturn Games

    Bug! seriously needs to be put back into this list ASAP (Bug Too! for that matter.) One of the best games on the system! Shame on whoever decided to take it off!
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    Genesis Emulator For Saturn?

    Is there a Genesis emulator that can run on a Sega Saturn? Sonic Jam runs 4 particular Genesis games on the Saturn so this is theoretically possible, but I haven't found anything about such an emulator online. Is there one?
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    Trouble Playing Imports

    I got it working, apparently the iso I found was bad. I got another one which oddly had a separate .bin for each track, but 1 .cue for the whole thing. Anyway, the 2nd one works so I'm good to go. I just need to get X-Men Children of the Atom and X-Men vs Street Fighter.
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    Trouble Playing Imports

    I've successfully modded my Saturn, and I also got the AR 4M Plus cartridge. Nearly every backup I've tried to play has worked perfectly. However, I tried playing Marvel Super Heroes vs Street Fighter (J) and it won't boot. The AR menu boots up, I go to start game without codes, and I get the...
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    Some Saturn Questions

    I'd actually like to get an empty arcade cabinet and just stick some kind of computer inside running MAME. There are also options for sticking a game console in a cabinet as well: Nintendo PC-10, the NeoGeo, etc. That project is a long way off though. Quick question, does the mod-chip enable...
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    Some Saturn Questions

    Actually I found both the mod chip & the AR4-1 available at the store, and reasonably priced. Also they're located the next state over from me, so shipping time will be quick. I just need to get the money to order the stuff. I opened up my Saturn and I have the model 2 32-pin...
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    Saturn 1:1 Burns Not Possible?

    I'm relatively new to Saturn tech (though I am quite familiar with many of the games.) I just got one and started looking into playing backups. I figured that due to the age of the system, by now it would be possible to burn 1:1 copies of games playable without needing a modchip. This still...
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    Some Saturn Questions

    Well my saturn has a round power button, and I don't see any gold coils. What's the best place to get a reasonably priced 4-1 Action Replay? Some listed on ebay seem to be not the genuine article, and/or missing some of the features. Some don't mention the ability to play import games and...
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    Some Saturn Questions

    Is the MPEG expansion needed for Corpse Killer? (I know it's a bad game, but it's one of the ones I want to get and I know it uses FMVs. That and Night Trap.)
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    Some Saturn Questions

    I just got a Sega Saturn off ebay. The idiot seller just shipped the thing loose in a box, no peanuts, no bubble rap, no shredded newspaper/tissue paper/etc. nothing but the box and saturn stuff. All he gave me was the system, power cord, & AV cord. No controllers. The ebay listing said he...