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  1. Mr. Moustache

    Mr. Moustache's Ebay Auctions. Woo!

    Wow, I wasn't even sure SegaXtreme still existed. Good to know it's still alive. I haven't been on the boards in a while, of course SEGA hasn't exactly given me a lot too be excited about lately. Anyways, I posted my collection before for sale. Most of it is gone, I'm now attempting to get rid...
  2. Mr. Moustache

    bye bye video game collection, selling it all(well, almost)

    Sega CD 1. NHL ’94 - $3 2. The Software Toolworks: Star Wars Chess - $15 3. Cadillac’s and Dinosaurs: The Second Cataclysm -$20 4. Jurassic Park - $5 5. Rise of the Dragon - $3 6. The Terminator - $5 7. Eternal Champions - $10 8. Sonic CD - $10 9...
  3. Mr. Moustache

    NES/SNES/GBA/Gen/GC/X-box Lot for sale....

    I'm selling my nes, sega, snes, gamecube, xbox, and gameboy advance stuff. I'd like to sell the whole lot together, I will seperate if necessary, but would like all the games and their respective systems kept together. Looking for $550 for the entire lot. Prices are negotiable Ben NES -...
  4. Mr. Moustache

    Carhart and Eric Clapton(see what they have in common)

    Sup fellas, and ladies. I must say, I've just gotten back from what I can simply describe as a religious experience. I saw god himself, and he played one mean guitar, some of you might also know him as a man called Eric Clapton. He makes it look so damn easy, and while he might not be the most...
  5. Mr. Moustache

    Fucking Right!

    I rarely post here, but damnit I just had an 18wheeler pull up to my house and drop off my new car('83 Benz 240d).. I've been waiting like a month, sucker started like a champ and runs nice and smooth.. And I got a freakin moonroof, how bad ass is that?!? That is all.
  6. Mr. Moustache

    PS2 Freezes

    I've had 2 broken PS2's for a while and I finally broke down and snatched up the parts I needed to fix one of them(power/eject ribbon cable and cable for the controller port). Now the system powers up fine and the controller works but once the BIOS screen comes up and asks me to select the...
  7. Mr. Moustache

    Task Bar Problems

    Currently I'm having a wee bit of trouble with my comp.. not anything super major, but for the past few days I have not been able to view my internet connection status in my task bar, and yes, I do have the box clicked in the dial-up properties(yes I'm on dial-up <_< ). Recently I uninstalled...
  8. Mr. Moustache

    No NiGHTS Sequel Planned

    Taken from Gamerfeed: Update: No NiGHTS Sequel Planned By James Brightman -- News Manager Published 3:07 PM CDT, February 5, 2004 As much as we'd all like to see a sequel to the Saturn classic, for now it's not happening... You may remember that not too long ago a quote from Sonic Team's...
  9. Mr. Moustache

    Sega Profit Nearly Doubles

    Taken from Gamerfeed: Sega Profit Nearly Doubles By Mike Meikle -- News Writer Published 11:17 AM CDT, February 5, 2004 Profits at Sega nearly doubled on strong sales of arcade-game machines in Japan. The Tokyo-based maker of Sonic the Hedgehog games on Thursday reported a group net profit...
  10. Mr. Moustache

    Are fanboys true gamers?

    With the ever present fanboy rambling that goes on inside these hallowed walls I think it'd be appropriate to truly find out how the majority of the people here feel. My personal opinion is that TRUE gamers follow the games, not a system or a company. SEGA is my favorite, but just because I...
  11. Mr. Moustache

    DC Light Gun

    Does the official DC gun from japan work properly with the US DC gun games??? I have a big problem with using 3rd party peripherals and even though SEGA liscened Interact to make the DC gun in the US I'm still quite wary of it.
  12. Mr. Moustache

    Madden challenge? I've got a challenge for you...

    Madden challenge? I've got a challenge for you... Taken From Gamerfeed: Madden challenge? I've got a challenge for you. Oh Madden I loathe thee. The "eh" graphics, the spastic crowds that repeat the same animation no matter what's going on, the horrendous commentary, the curse...
  13. Mr. Moustache

    GTA3 and Vice City Double Pack Xbox Bound

    GTA3 and Vice City Double Pack Xbox Bound By Justin Davis -- Staff Writer Published 11:25 AM CDT, September 3, 2003 It's coming to the PS2 as well, but that isn't nearly as headline worthy... Rockstar Games announced today their plans to release a double pack containing both Grand Theft Auto...
  14. Mr. Moustache

    SEGA first quarter numbers

    - Sega announced they have a 1.89 billion yen (US$15.76 million) profit for the first quarter of 2003 financial year. The company has shipped 1.45 million software, 1.02 million units were sold in Japan, and 430,000 units were sold in US and Europe. The biggest selling title is Let's Make a Pro...
  15. Mr. Moustache

    Shen Mue 3 Confirmed Hoping this is good, reliable news.*crosses fingers*
  16. Mr. Moustache

    Official SEGA Site Updates

    I'm sure I'm not the only one who has noticed this, but is anyone else here bugged about the fact that SEGA hardly ever updates their site. I mean they don't even have any real info on Billy Hatcher yet, and until a few days ago didn't even have a section for VF4: Evo... One would think that...
  17. Mr. Moustache

    Metallica Slams Bush

    Thoughts on this? I'll stay opinionless on this one for now, but I think if you read my signature you can easily see how I feel about things as they are.
  18. Mr. Moustache

    FT: Last Bronx, Virtua Fighter 2 and more

    I have some items up for trade/sale. Items still up for trade: Last Bronx - Complete $15 Sega Rally Championship - CD and Instructions $7 Virtua Fighter 2 - CD Only $5 Mortal Kombat 2 - CD Only $5 Sonic 2- Cart only $5 Battle Arena Toshiden - CD only, doesn't work unless you use the swap...
  19. Mr. Moustache

    Quake 3 Servers

    Does anyone know any Quake 3 servers that support DC play?
  20. Mr. Moustache

    SEGA makes sex toys???

    taken from WIRED magazine May 2003: Better Than a Joystick No ordinary Peripheral, Sega's moustlike Trance Vibrator pulses in time with its PS2 shooter Rez, emitting vibration four times stronger than the rumble controllers like Son'ys Dualshock. As you advance through the games levels, the...