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    Psp system for sale firmware 1.5

    hello im selling my psp system with spiderman 2 movie, disc sampler, 32 mb memory card that has nes homebrew installed ready to play, leather case sleeve, risk strap, recharger plug and battery grip recharger controller. The psp system is in excellent condition just like brand new. The system...
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    psp system for sale filmware 1.5

    hello im selling my psp system with spiderman 2 movie, battery recharger plug, sampler disk, risk strap, leather sleeve case, 32mb and battery grip recharger controller. System is in excellent condition and No dead pixels. all for 250.00
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    Update on new messageboard..

    nice! hoping this site continues to improve.
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    Some Nintendo Classic Will Be Free on Revolution

    do you think these classic games will be playable online?
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    The Japanese Really Like the Upcomming Revolution

    how much do you think the game prices will be for sony and microsoft? $70 dollars maybe? , noway...anit noone out there gonna pay that much of retart price..,
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    What DS games are you looking forward to?

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    What will be your next portable purchase?

    hey iceman , im thinking of purchasing a ds because of nintendogs and gba flash card. is it worth it? i have a psp ,but there arent really any good games that interest me. hows ur psp going?
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    Link a Wolf???

    hmm..u guys change my mind. I was just like turn off of the trailer when hes a wolf , but Everytime i play nintendo games it always comes through of having a great fun time. The games are worth to keep because of replaybility, not like sony..darn fakes. ill give a shot. thanks
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    Trading VGM Soundtracks

    i have kingdom hearts soundtrack in like brand new. i also have zelda orcrina of time remix. what do you have so we can trade?
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    Link a Wolf???

    hello i was watching e3 on tv. nintndo press conference i saw trailer that link turns into a wolf?? i mean like huh?? i never seen that before in other zelda games. This game i was excited about but it kinda got to me where im not gonna purchase this game. Where is the story going??....but i am...
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    psp system

    hello, im selling psp for $200. psp recently bought from ebay ago, only played couple of hours on it. Psp is excellent condition like brand new. Value pack includes, battery recharger, earphones, instruction manual, 32mb memory card. Sorry i dont have spiderman 2 neither sample demo. sold as it...
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    Is Nintendo dying?

    Nintendo dying? will it survive against next generation consoles?
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    no music when i play?

    hey it, yeah it worked!! thanks alot, u saved my day n my saturn.
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    no music when i play?

    what would i expect to see though?
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    no music when i play?

    whats wrong with my saturn? there is no music when im playing a game. Sound effects work, just no music during game play. i try putting audio cd , but no luck i dont hear nothing.
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    Jandaman's Action Replay Plus

    Jandaman's Action Replay Plus hello, i want to know if jandaman's action replay plus need modification. When i bought my action replay plus from playa asia it wouldnt let me play games require ram , games like marvel super heroes vs streetfighter, king of fighters 97, etc. only game i got to...
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    Need free isp for Dreamcast

    can anyone hook me up with a free isp for dreamcast. I stilll surf the web with the web browser. i try to search on google, found a few but none of them work.
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    looking for megaman8 and three dirty dwarfs

    hey im looking for megaman 8 and three dirty dwarfs originals ..if u have any other games let me know..thanks
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    fix broken saturn need help

    my ac and av is broken from the where u put the plug from saturn to the wall broke off there were no screws holding the ac so that it wont be lose while ur trying to put the plug in there..n my av wouldnt want to fit av cable..i was thinking of going here because...
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    saturn emulator on xbox?

    hello, i want to know theres no such thing as saturn emulator for xbox right? i heard that emulator cant be on xbox cuz saturn games are high quality?