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  1. Scott Smartass

    Cubecat updated builds

    I love your game! It's so cute and so good. Thank you very much for updating and sharing it.!
  2. Scott Smartass

    Ninpen Manmaru English Patched?

    Awesome! Thanks to everyone involved. Love this game.
  3. Scott Smartass

    Screeen resolution hacks

    The one I was really looking for the most to hex was the widescreen one. I'm running Beetle Saturn, as far as I know, it does not take Gameshark/Action Replay codes. Thanks very much for the info TrekkiesUnite118.
  4. Scott Smartass

    Screeen resolution hacks

    Could someone do these codes so we could hex edit the image?
  5. Scott Smartass

    Rush San Francisco 2049 alpha build released by Sega Dreamcast Info Preservation Games

    The 4 player mode was a blast. One of my favorites on the Dreamcast!