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    GameGear McWill

    Hi, I am looking to sell my GameGear fully recaped modded with a McWill v2.0 screen. It is working nicely, some little scratches as it is an old lady but fully fonctionnal. I am asking 160 euros + shipment fees if any. Do not hesiste to contact me on the forum or on the discord.
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    Need a windows dev for Kronos.

    @cafe-alpha I will share a link in MP. All games here are working fine on linux, half off them are not working on windows. Benjamin might be able to provide you some names of game. In order to test, just download game files, do not unzip, add in the directory the file and choose a...
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    Need a windows dev for Kronos.

    There is nothing special for decryption. You need to compile the qt version, download some zip file from mame rom set, the file then you go to option menu, you select stv rom cartridge, you enter the Tom directory where you put your st3 toms and bios file and it will scan the...
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    Need a windows dev for Kronos.

    Hi, I am francois the current owner of kronos. Kronos is born due to two reasons: - original yabause team is taking ages to validate pull request and they are not fixing games issues now. They are focused on features for homebrew developers it seems - uoyabause is focusing on fixing game...