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    Modded Saturn wth 50/60hz Switch for Sale

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    Saturn Scart Lead

    Ok I have 2 Saturn RGB leads and when using either of them I get a black screen, there is sound just no picture. I have a modchip, a 50/60hz switch and a country switch installed could one of these have screwed something up? I still use the lead but its plugged into the 3rd scart socket on my...
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    Nebula Model 2 0.9 Out

    House of the Dead is fully playable now and it is great. "Model 2 Added House of the Dead. Fixed some SCSP bugs, and improved the code speed and accuracy. Fixed several bugs regarding collision in last bronx and fighting vipers. Added analog controls to driving games (delete the game...
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    Sega Model 2 Emulator

    Check out Elsemi's latest test release of his model 2 emulator here he added sound support, the code is still totally unoptimsed and he says theres loads of work to do but on my athlon XP 2200 the supported games run full speed (i think, its damn smooth anyway), Indy 500 still freezes control of...
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    Should I buy a GC?

    Im in the uk so the gc was released yesterday and Ive been playing Rogue Leader on a US gc in solid gold games centre for months now and would like it here so I can play it properly with my own save game but I already have an xbox, dc and saturn sitting here and I think maybe another console...
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    Virtua Racing and Wasted CDs

    Hey, I downloaded virtua racing from ralos's server and usd the same template cue sheet I use for burning all my saturn iso and mp3's and it has never failed but I just cant get this game to burn properly. I can tell just by looking at it in windows it just says blank cd yet all the mp3 tracks...