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    Games run choppy

    My system is up to par on the games I try to run, but for some reason, when I play UT (just normal not 03 or 04) or counter-strike, i get a little bit of choppiness for no reason. I'm not lagging and these games are about 5 years old so I should be able to run them fine. However, I can run...
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    That weird genesis video

    I have no where else to turn here. I've been looking for DAYS where to find that fucked up land of confusion video by genesis. You know the ones with the puppets and Ronald Regan? That one. Does anyone know have it or know where I could find it?
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    Good AMD mobo

    I have an asus a7v600 and this thing is just problem after problem. Can't OC worth shit, poor support for two sticks of pc3200, runs very hot and just a shitload of more problems. I need a good mobo. I keep hearing about the Asus a7n8x series of mobos and want to know what you guys think...
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    Haha Peter Pan on Conan

    This guy thinks he's peter pan and dresses this way every day of the week.
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    My first crash ever since I built the thing a year and a half ago! And it was totally my fault for using third party drivers in the first place. What a milestone!
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    What happened

    I can't remember who it is, but someone used to make a new topic every time it was someones birthday. :rant I feel left out
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    Sweet Video Game covers

    These guys truely rule. You gotta check out the sonic cover its simply amazing
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    Gens CD Music

    Is there any way I can get gens to play an audio cd from the segacd audio cd interface? I Just wanna see if it works.
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    This is disgusting

    Just look at the poll... for the love of god
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    I was just thinking

    Did the producers of the transformers have like craploads of money to spend on voice acting because there were about 30 different people doing voices for that show at one time weren't there? Sorry if this seems out of place but it's just one of those things that doesn't stop bugging you until...
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    Lookin for a hat

    I need a cool hat that's not a trucker hat (cause I dont like those) So I did some searching and found a pretty cool autobots hat on, but it says it's an elastic hat. Does this mean that just the back part is elasitcy or the whole thing is made of that cheap-ass scrunchie material...
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    Voice Synth

    Does anybody know some good voice synth programs like those to created the infamous "All your base" video. I just want to get that cool retro 80's sound.
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    I just installed xp pro (loving it so far) and my friends all said the same thing: do the super tweaks at I did em all and it seems to have given me a bit of a boost in performance. However, some things like the automatic updates and system restore services seem like they were...
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    Nero and its dumb cuesheetness

    I just got Duke Nukem 3d in ISO/MP3 form and this is what the cue sheet looks like: FILE "Duke.iso" BINARY TRACK 01 MODE1/2048 INDEX 01 00:00:00 POSTGAP 00:02:00 FILE "Track02.mp3" MP3 TRACK 02 AUDIO PREGAP 00:02:00 INDEX 01 00:00:00 FILE "Track03.mp3" MP3 TRACK 03 AUDIO...
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    I'm afraid...

    I'm afraid... Help me! This is more of a personal issue than I should be posting on friggen SX, but this is the last place I have to turn. Ok is it weird if my girlfriend, the one i've been talk about here and there, asked me that if she ever had a baby, would I love it. Is that fucked up...
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    Ugh I'm turning into joe

    Ugh I'm turning into joe What is it that makes life feel like crap sometimes? Too much school work? Social problems? Fucking ANNOYING parents (to us youngins... all 3 of us)? I can't pin it but latley I've just been really depressed. I think it's cause i'm realizing that the next half...
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    Snatcher Poster

    I was just playing snatcher for the second time through and i never really payed attention to the dialouge (the written out dialouge not the spoken parts). I just noticed something sorta interesting. If I remember right, the year is something like 2047 and Harry is 55 years old. He has a...
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    Connection dips

    I keep getting random disconnects from time to time. It's weird cause i'm on cable and i'm not going through a router, i'm hard wired right into the modem. What could be causing this?
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    Gens no cd drive reocgnized

    I cant get gens to recognize either of my cd drives. I installed the new ASPI craps from the help & faq secion (when was this changed from misc. by the way?) and it still wont recognize on either gens or kega. Any suggestions?
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    This is pissing me off. I just uninstalled IE yesterday and now, every 3 seconds it seems i get over 20 popup windows from internet explorer. I use firebird and with the internal popup blocker i've almost forgotten what they look like, but now they're coming up like crazy. I could just be not...