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  1. edde_baby

    Dumping Sega Saturn Cartridges with less hardware

    I have written a script with QuickBMS (get it from the developer's site: quickbms by Luigi Auriemma) that works with the excellent Indirect Dump feature of Save Data Manager; this allows you to dump Sega Saturn cartridge ROMs without a Gamer's Cart/ USB Dev Cart. As long as you can transfer save...
  2. edde_baby

    Old Pro Action Replay Cart with USB DataLink

    I have just bought an old Pro Action Replay (with Comms Port) to use with my USB DataLink (I fried my AR 4in1 Plus years ago). Cart details: Flash Vendor ID: 0101 - AMD Flash Device ID: 2020 - AM29F010 Firmware: ACTION REPLAY SATURN Version 1.8f (see attached for the ROM) I...
  3. edde_baby

    EMS Action replay 4-in-1 - recovery suggestions

    Hi, Wow I've been a member here for 861 days and haven't posted until now! I'm sure I had - was the forum rebooted around that time? Maybe I lost my login details or something? Anyway... I've recently reacquired a Saturn and I decided to get a USB DataLink from Ken (which is awesome BTW)...