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  1. Amon

    Toejam and Earl: Back in the Groove

    Toejam and Earl: Back in the Groove just got funded on kickstarter. Less than 48 hours to contribute. $15 gets you a copy of the game for linux mac or windows :D. Come on people feel the funk!!
  2. Amon

    KPIT GNU ELF v11.03 toolchain release

    Dear KPIT GNU tools user, KPIT Cummins is pleased to announce the v11.03 release of KPIT GNU Tools for Renesas micros. =============================================================================== Major highlight of the KPIT GNU ELF v11.03 toolchain release...
  3. Amon

    Three Dirty Dwarves Pal Beta Source Leak

    I obtained this like from freakdave from IRC
  4. Amon

    The Forums are back

    There were a few issues with the site suffice it to say the site should be accessible by everyone in the next few days. A few posts have been lost in the confusion. Feel free to post now. Welcome back everyone!
  5. Amon

    S.A.T.U.R.N Contest Roll Call

    Well I made this post prior to the forum troubles asking who was still interested in the contest and who would like more time. Unfortunately I forget who was interested. Due to the forum troubles I will be extending the contest. My question is, how much more time would people like to have and...
  6. Amon

    Saturn DSP

    Does anyone have any information on the DSP? According to Guillaume the doc is wrong, the simulator is wrong and the DSP is not used much. Thank you.
  7. Amon

    S.A.T.U.R.N. Contest

    SegaXtreme is proud to annouce the very first "Saturn Annual Talentuous Unofficial Retro Niche Contest" S.A.T.U.R.N. Contest. This contest will run from May 1st until Dec 1st 11:59PM 2010. Entries may include ports, demos, games and applications. Rules and Judging will be similar to the C4...
  8. Amon

    Tempo 32x

    It is a new year so I thought I would do a new game of the week I do not know why they had to jazz up the US cover but I think it looks horrible. If you want a good review or more information head over to Sega-16 Sega 16 Review
  9. Amon

    Need help from Iphone gamers

    Hey everyone. I am in a marketing class and for one of my projects my group is trying to determine what characteristics of iPhone games make them successful. Why do some games fail and some games succeed? To do so we are doing an online survey. Please help and take the survey...
  10. Amon

    Saturn Dev in Code::Blocks IDE

    For those of you that are sick of SaturnOrbit aka Dev-C++ as an IDE I was able to set up Code::Blocks for Saturn Dev. Of course I have heard of people setting up and using MS Visual Studios for Saturn Dev. I was able to compile a derivative of Rockin-B's Saturn Game Tutorial as well as well as...
  11. Amon

    C4 - 2009 discussion

    Begin discussion :P
  12. Amon

    Dynamite Dreams News

    While searching for some information on the project I contacted one of the authors and thought I would share what I learned. It is still in active development. Multiplay gameplay works "pretty well" and they are working on single player as well as the new website.
  13. Amon

    Best/Favorate Windows Version

    Everyones favorate OS to hate Windows. Time to pick your poison. Which is your favorate version of windows, best version of windows.
  14. Amon

    FS: CSI Miami Season 1 and 2

    Hello everyone. I bought CSI: Miami season 1 and 2 as a gift for someone. We are no longer friends as such I want to get rid of these asap. I paid $35 each. They are new, sealed and in mint condition. $50 for both or best offer. Amazon receipt upon request.
  15. Amon

    Saturn Protection

    PsyMan asked me to make this thread to gather all the known facts about how the Saturn protection works in one place. So what do we know? Feel free to post if you have any information on the subject. If you are uncertain about some piece of information make it clear (last thing we want is to...
  16. Amon

    Arcade Ports Poll

    What are your thoughts?
  17. Amon

    Washing keyboards

    As dumb as this sounds you can wash your keyboard in a dishwasher. I did it with my dreamcast keyboard and it works fine. I washed the whole thing, yes the WHOLE keyboard. The smarter thing would of been to have unscrewed the top and washed the key housing. Just make sure to wash it TOP...
  18. Amon

    Saturn Orbit patch/update

    I threw together a patch/update for Saturn Orbit. It updates GNUSH COFF and ELF to the latest versions GNUSHv0601-COFF and GNUSHv0803-ELF respectively. Install directions To install remove the SH_COFF and SH_ELF folders in the Saturn Orbit directory and replace with the ones in the...
  19. Amon

    Promised games of 2008

    Dalforce from Redspotgames. I heard it was promised for jan/feb 2008, was it even released? Dynamite Dreams from Alice Dreams was promised for 2008 and yet all that was released was the trailer. The website hasnt been updated since 09/10/2007 and their forums are broken. Other than that no...
  20. Amon

    Texture Editor

    Hello everyone. I have decied to create my own texture editor for creating textures for use with the Sega Saturn. It is currently being written in c# and will require the .net framework. Current Progress So far you can import any supported image (iirc bmp,jpg,gif,png). Images that do not...