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  1. J

    asshole kids

    I wish i was 15 again i'd beat the shit out of all the kids in my neighborhood. Scratched my car up
  2. J

    good games?

    what are some good games for the dreamcast. I'm going to get one for free so i was just wondering.
  3. J

    suggestion i made

    I made a suggestion to myst before she became estranged from the board. I suggested we have a gens monopoly competition. so there's my idea type what ever you want about it.
  4. J

    quick thought

    Since dating shows are becoming more popular on U.S. tv i wonder if the dating sims of japan will catch on over here. (true they'll have to add some more races to the games instead of white young looking manga girls, slightly asian manga girls, or just asian girls)
  5. J

    game genie

    I'm dissapointed that i can't find game genie codes for every genesis game made. you'd think there'd be codes for every game but there isn't.(some games i can't find codes for are shadow run(true i beat the game but still i want some codes for it) theme park(there has to be codes to make the...
  6. J

    plans for my birthday

  7. J

    burner problem

    Ya this doesn't have to do with games or anything but i'm assuming somebody here might be able to help. My cd burner is acting like a stupid piece of shit. It doesn't pick up on blank cds being in wont pick up Rs or RWs. I tried uninstalling and re installing my burning software I also...
  8. J

    graphic adventure

    what are all the graphic adventure games for the Sega cd. I was always a big fan of this type of game and that's the one reason i bought the playstation it had this type of game before saturn. (for those that don't know what i'm talking about willy beamish is an example and also i'd consider...
  9. J

    anyone ever

    have those leechy nut candies? They're geletin with a small piece of leechy in them? (this post is sort of a joke on my last one of these types of posts which those have become sort of a running thing with me)
  10. J

    song stuck in my mind

    I have this song stuck in my mind really don't know how it goes only one sentence and i'm not sure the exact words. Here's what i know everyone else can help out if they think they know what the hell i'm talking about. 90s rock band dont know their name or anythign about them. lyric is "Make up...
  11. J

    what song are you listening to

    Hella good by no doubt (only have it because i enjoy hearing a beautifull girl panting in my ears)
  12. J

    current us events

    what's everyones opinion on this case concerning the pledge?
  13. J


    is there any good checkers game for the genesis?
  14. J

    hot weather is terrible

    enough said (i'm sweating my scrotum off)
  15. J

    anyone hate

    Being the funny guy. I mean I'm a funny person(ya hard to believe from reading any of the posts i made on here) and a lot of people laugh when i'm entertaining. Here's the thing i hate that because when people describe me they tend to be like "ya he's really funny" or "he's an asshole" but i...
  16. J

    soy milk?

    anyone else here drink it or am i alone?
  17. J

    a program?

    Anyone know of a program that can keep track of weekly bandwith use? i'm going to need one because the school i'm going to next semester limits weekly bandwith use and they don't warn you or anythign when you go over they just penalize you.
  18. J

    ever feel like

    You ever feel like you're life is a combination of those things hitting guys in the balls videos. let me clarify that you're the guy and life is the combination of you all happy and shit then life just smakes you in the balls like in the videos then people just laugh and shit at it and then...
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  20. J

    letting a prog

    Have any of you noticed that letting a program get the name of songs off the internet for your cds isn't always accurate? i got the names of the tracks for nirvana unplugged of the internet awhile ago(a damn long time ago) and i just noticed that the song Jesus doesn't want me for a sunbeam is...